BodyFix Specs... just compare!

Specification BodyFix Typical competition
Motor High Torque Low Torque
Motor Size 5kg 3.2kg
Speeds 70 20
Body Fat Monitor
(Calculates body fat, based on sex, age, height and weight)
Yes Yes
Preset Massage Programs 8 0-3
Maximum User Weight 150kg 120kg
Motor Warranty 5 Years 1 Year
Machine Weight
(For stability)
47kg 15-45kg

Bodyfix Specs

Model: Bodyfix Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine
Motor: High-Torque
Motor Size: 5kg
Speed Range: 1-70
Time Setting: Up to 10 minutes
Time Setting: Up to 10 minutes
Body Fat Monitor: Calculates body fat (based on sex, age, height and weight)
Displays: large, easy to read LED displays: Auto/Fat Scan; Time; Speed
Programs: 8 pre-set massage programs
Vibration: See-saw' motion to simulate walking
Amplitude: 1-10mm
Handle Bars: Side mounted for easy grop and supported balance
Maximum User Weight: 150kgs
Motor Warranty: 5 years
Parts Warranty: 2 years
Labour Warranty: 1 year (in home!)
Machine Weight (for stability): 47kgs
Frame: Steel frame with high quality plastic base
Assembled Height: 137cm
Base Height (Step-Up): 26cm
Footprint: 72cm x 60cm

BodyFix Whole Body Vibration exercise therapy machine has many outstanding features and exercises:

8 Pre-set Massage Programs

These programs are specifically designed to expertly massage your individual body parts. The programs run for 10 minutes, although vibration therapy is so effective that it is recommended that you build up to 10 minutes. Initially, 5 minutes is ample!

Body Fat Monitor

Calculates your body fat, based on gender, age, height and weight to help you track your progress!

VIbration motion

The BodyFix is a premium model that operates in a ' see-saw' motion to simulate walking, for a safe and effective exercise session. There are so many fantastic vibration machine exercises to help you shape up, lose weight, improve circulation and gain many other health and fitness benefits - backed by research!


The LED display and buttons are large and easy to read. The LED display features Auto/Fat Scan, Time, and Speed.

Speed Range

You can set the vibrationspeed from 1 to 70, offering you beginner to advanced/intense vibration therapy exercise training.

If you like the idea of having a deep muscle workout
in your own home available whenever YOU have the time.
Especially if you have a problem with getting in the water every day all year round for that important part of the self treatment program, then think seriously about the Bodyfix Vibration machine.


Learn Even More About Bodyfix Vibration
With Bryant Meyers & Special Guest Yosef Johnson as they discuss the concept, history and benefits of vibration therapy.

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