The Importance Of The Legs – when dealing with back problems.

The legs and lower body is the foundation or main support for the upper body and most importantly the back. It is not until the leg muscles are strong, loose and balanced that any tightness you have in your upper body will respond to any efforts to release it.

As most moving exercises will only irritate a person’s pain and compound the imbalances found in the legs and pelvic muscles, an isometric exercise is used to get maximum strength benefit with minimal pain. Because this type of exercise enables you to control the position of your pelvis you can direct the pressure generated from your weight to the problem muscles to start to correct them.

Pain is the end result of too much stress or pressure building up in a specific area of the body (usually a joint) that, with constant movement, causes irritation, inflammation and pain.

This pressure restricts the flow of blood and lymph to certain muscles causing their fibres to become dry and stiff and stick together from the lack of lubrication. These muscles no longer work as a healthy muscle should and so other associated muscles are forced to compensate for them, eventually causing the body to lose it symmetry and get out of balance.

To be able to treat the pain that has come as a result of this imbalance, you need to be able to find the problem muscles and and know how to correct them. This will involve, removing the compensations in other areas as well as finding and correcting problems with any other specific muscles affecting the painful area. By doing this you can bring back the body’s symmetry or balance.

As you move with correct body symmetry you release the pressure from the inflamed painful area and allow the pain to disappear.

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