There is too much confusing information about back pain being given on the internet and all it does is cause frustration for vulnerable people in pain. I want to help clear up your confusion with a wealth of information I have available on this site for free. Please begin by getting fast relief for your back pain or sciatica and click

Steve Lockhart

Hi Steve,

I have not yet finished reading the book but what I have read so far has helped. When I downloaded your book, I was at the stage of looking for a Chiro or physiotherapist. After reading the book, I went to neither, we sorted it out ourselves.

Thank you for the advice.


Hi Steve,

Just a quick msg to say that this months newsletter is great! Practical ideas for combining exercise with everyday life.

Carrie James*

Hello Steve

I wanted to let you know that the information I downloaded really was exceptional! I had an accident just before Christmas and pulled my back out badly. I went to see a chiropractor twice and both times my discomfort increased. I will book in to see an SLM therapist on the Sunshine Coast and will be recommending your book worldwide!!

So thank you Steve for sharing your information. Everything, you mentioned is fantastic.

Kind regards


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