Decompress Your Spine and Take Pressure Off Your Sciatic Nerve
in Just 3 Minutes twice a Day..... Watch The Video Below.

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As you would appreciate, a lot of the back issues are related to unstable vertebrae and tight muscle problems and can be traced back to weak core muscles.

For most people who have constant pain, it can be very difficult to find regular exercises you can do to counter that weakness, without irritating your pain.

The Bioflex has been particularly good for that, because while you exercise you are decompressing your spine, taking the pressure off the discs and nerves, so there's no irritation, just strengthening with improved circulation!

It beats other inversion machines hands down for 2 important reasons.

  1. It doesn't support you by grabbing you by the ankles and leaving you with sore knee and ankle joints, and...
  2. It allows you to do both stomach crunches and back extensions while in the inverted position so you get balanced strength in the important areas that support your lower spine.

I haven't been able to find a bad word to say about the Bioflex inversion machine and going by some of the feedback I have received users feel the same way - as you will have seen form the totally candid testimonies above. In fact I constantly get emails from purchasers who are really happy with the results it is giving them. A couple of examples of those are below.

Hey Steve , the bioflex has saved my life it's just getting better every day since last Monday. This morning was the first time in over 13 years I have sleep in bed till 11.00 am! Fantastic
Paul lynch, Perth WA.

Hi Steve,
I just thought I'd let you know how the Bio-flex Inversion Machine I received last week was going. Its money well spent. So far its doing wonders to my back. I feel light and flexible and haven't pinched my nerve once since doing it. Driving a truck all day is not a problem now. Before the Bio-flex my back use to ache by lunch time but now its free of aching and no pinched nerve problems. And I'm a lot happier.
Thanks so much,

If you're in the USA, UK, NZ or Australia and suffer from constant Sciatica or Back Pain, do yourself a favour and try the Bioflex that carries a 10 day money back guarantee so you can experience how good it is before deciding to keep it: