Have You Ever Been Told You Have Piriformis Syndrome?

A diagnosis of Piriformis Syndrome can fool you into believing that this is just an isolated problem with the Piriformis muscle. While the Piriformis can certainly tighten up and put pressure on the sciatic nerve, this is only as a result of a whole pattern of imbalance and tension in the body.

In order to treat Piriformis syndrome properly, one has to address and deal with the underlying muscle imbalances in the body that have set up the Piriformis problem in the first place. The cause could be as simple as a tight hamstring or quadriceps muscle or even starting in the shoulder.

There are many techniques which will release problem muscles, such as using a ball for self massage. To understand more about these muscle imbalances and the patterns that set up things like Piriformis syndrome watch the video HERE.

It doesn’t matter which part of your body has a muscle imbalance, it will eventually affect other parts. And it will happen a lot faster if you exercise a lot, lift weights, run or participate in sport. Even someone who just does cycling is prone to overworking their leg muscles on one side more than the other, and causing a muscle imbalance. Minor imbalances in the leg muscles (which are very common) can quickly become exaggerated and then spread, causing the pelvis to get involved – as a tilt or rotation. This can often have a domino effect spreading further to affect the spine, shoulders, knees and ankles.

The symptoms of a pelvic rotation include tight Piriformis, tight or sore shoulders, sore knees or feet, and/ or neck irritation, sacrum joint or a tight or sore thoracic spine. It can also be responsible for many other symptoms that people never realise are related to the physical body. So, as you can see, it can eventually, affect pretty much every part of your body.

Stretching alone isn’t the best way to counter imbalances and maintain flexibility and suppleness. What is required is a full body release technique in conjunction with a gentle form of repetitive exercises to keep the muscles supple and responsive.

The unique SLM Yoga Program is a meditative form of exercise that works to release shortened contracted muscles, rebalance the body’s core muscles, and release and connect all the muscles and the nervous system. It treats the body as a whole, helping you to balance the muscles on one side of your body with its counterparts on the other side. It helps you to visualise and correct muscle imbalances this way.

SLM Yoga is unlike any other type of exercise program you will experience and is aimed at improving flexibility and muscle balance. This is crucial in ensuring you avoid setting up problems that can lead to pain, injury and back problems like Piriformis Syndrome. It is a perfect way for the sports person or just someone who likes to keep active, to prevent pain and injury

For more information on the SLM Yoga Program, please visit this page.

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4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Told You Have Piriformis Syndrome?
  1. parwinder says:

    i m having back pain, usally lower back,specially when and after lifting,i have a lot tummy gas too

  2. Veronica says:

    Hi to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this site, and your views are nice for new people.

  3. So appreciative ,finding your message .I was hospitalised for 3 wks in a very well known hospital .
    I was so surprised the Dr didn’t know what I had and released. As I am a chiropractic person and always has good results.im suffering from a Torn muscles on the hip and torso due to a fall ,a couple I’d say been a hard worker 22yrs cleaning ,the the poor Bods taken a beating .The PIRIFORMIS is back an I’m so glad I can even educate my Chiro who is a Gem thank you for your help RMajor

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