“A lot of people ask me how I am going to fix their sciatica and back pain when no other therapist has been able to.

My simple answer is this. Most therapists you see, focus on the area you are feeling your pain, whether it’s your knee or your sciatica and back pain or your shoulder for example, and they try to fix it from there alone.

It is my experience that a large percentage of pain is referred from somewhere else in the body. This is why in my treatment, I work on your full body during a one hour treatment session!*

I have found that most pain, especially sciatica and back pain, is the result of pressure building up on a joint or attachment because one muscle is not working in a balanced or harmonious way with another muscle supporting the same joint, affecting the body’s posture in a negative way. This causes the joint to be misaligned, even slightly and as a result, it gets irritated with movement, causing inflammation and pain.*

I search out your problem muscles and get them working properly again to restore balance and function to your body. The end result is better movement and less or no pain, and it stays away because your body’s balance has been restored with a level pelvis and a straight, supple spine, along with better posture, more flexibility and a much better sense of wellbeing.*

My work is comfortably deep and thorough and every problem area is found and worked on during every 1 hour treatment. At the end of the treatment I will give you exercises you can do at home to help you hold on to what we’ve done and make extra progress in the days and week ahead.

I believe pain comes from inflammation caused by pressure building up in a part of your body that it shouldn’t be. My expertise is at finding the cause of that pressure and taking it away. By restoring correct function to the muscles and rebalancing the body providing better posture, pain relief is possible.*

If you want a treatment that leaves you feeling light, loose, tall, energised and relaxed all at the same time,

please call or text for an appointment on the Gold Coast or Brisbane on 0412 212 208 or EMAIL.”*

Steve Lockhart.

Have a look at the third party reviews provided by my past patients to understand why I will be able to take your pain away, even when everyone else has failed. Some examples are below.


“I have been receiving treatment from SLM Gold Coast Pain therapist Steve Lockhart for over 10 years. I was disappointed when he left Sydney. I made the trip from Sydney to Robina this week for treatment and it was certainly worth the journey. Brad * (independent Patient review posted on 3rd party site whitecoat.com.au) ….more reviews.

Steve Lockhart is arguably Australia’s leading Injury and Pain Therapist, specialising in sciatica and back pain since 1988 and is now available for appointments at his clinic on the Gold Coast in Queensland. If you aren’t local come and stay for a week for some intensive treatment and enjoy a beautiful holiday on the coast.
His therapy SLM Bodywork, is based on a healing method that goes back hundreds of years to Japan. It is a combination of massage and acupressure that treats the whole body back into balance, finding and fixing dysfunctional muscles to create flexibility and unrestricted movement and most importantly taking away pain quickly and effectively.*

It doesn’t matter who you have already seen or what diagnosis you have been given, expect a different approach with far better results when you are treated by Steve.*

“I have been seeing Steve for just over a year now and I can’t praise him enough. The pain and discomfort I suffered for many years due to bulging discs in the lower back, the many trips to the emergency ward and stays in hospital, the time off work and the near loss of my business. With regular treatment and advice I am now able to do things I haven’t been able to do for years, as well as being able to pick up my grand kids.” Thanks Steve. Tony Carpenter*” ……more reviews.

Pain Conditions Steve Can Confidently Treat.

Sciatica and Back Pain:

Sciatica and Back Pain starts with the body’s mechanics. When imbalances creep into the muscle system a person’s posture changes and pressure builds up in parts of the back and spine that it shouldn’t. Any good back pain treatment should involve a full body approach treating all areas especially the legs to restore a good posture and take the twists and sags out of the spine and pelvis. Only then will your back pain be gone for good.*

“I had been experiencing severe back pain for a number of years. MRI confirming numerous problems such as bulging discs. After seeking help from numerous professionals resulting in minimal relief, surgery seemed to be my only option. After further extensive research I came across Steve. Result was nothing short of a miracle. Forever grateful Steve.”* ……more reviews.


Sciatic and Back Pain is an extension of a posture problem usually coming when a person is weak or too flexible because the muscle imbalances are able to distort the posture and disc’s and nerve’s become involved. To fix Sciatica and Back Pain you also need to take a full body approach removing the twists and tilts from the pelvis so the spine has a straight foundation on which to sit. You also need to release the pressure that has built up around the disc and nerve that is being affected and ensure the body is strong enough to hold the changes you make. Because sciatica and back pain in some cases is such a debilitating pain a high level of expertise is needed to ensure the solution doesn’t irritate the existing problem and pain.*

“Stephen Lockhart is exceptional. I have had sciatica and back pain pain for over a year and struggled to get through the day without pain killers. I had previously tried physio, chiro, and acupuncture all with no results. I have had 4 sessions with Stephen and I am virtually pain free and my strength is rapidly returning. He has also given me specific exercises and techniques to help build me back to the man I used to be. I am living again now not just coping. Thank you so very much Steve.” Cheers David Young……*more reviews.

Neck Pain:

The neck is very dependent on balanced shoulders and a straight spine. When you have this there is no need for the neck muscles to tighten up and cause pain. Taking away neck pain is usually a fairly quick and simple process but too many therapists can’t do it because they give little consideration to what is happening in the body below the neck.*

“Very professional, holistic approach to working out where your pain has originated. I highly recommend Steve if you have any ongoing pain that no one else can seem to fix.”*….more reviews.



A problem with the neck will often lead to headaches and so a therapist’s inability to fix the neck properly is often behind the reason headaches don’t go away for good with treatment. There are a lot of nerves around the neck and when they are under pressure they can easily trigger headaches. When treating headaches Steve will take into account all of the factors that can contribute to the pain and can usually achieve very good results very quickly.*

“I have had literally thousands of massage treatments over the years. Steve Lockhart is right at the top of the list. I genuinely believe that his knowledge of the human body is unsurpassed and his easy going manner adds to the first class experience. If you are in pain, Go and see Steve”* ……more reviews.

Hip Pain:

What many therapists don’t realise is that a lot of hip pain is actually caused by a short leg on the opposite side to the pain. This can come about for many reasons but is particularly common with people playing sports that favour one leg much more than the other or who have bad posture habits. The key to fixing hip pain is properly re-balancing the pelvis and correcting the position of the ball and socket joint, the way it sits and moves.*

“My husband was in constant agony with leg, sciatica and back pain and hip pain. I searched for a solution to this and finally found Steve. After the first visit my husband came back walking normally and with a smile I hadn’t seen in a long time. He goes regularly for maintenance and Steve has been able to keep him almost pain free for a few years now. We have recommended others to him who have found great relief and have even cancelled surgeries after visiting Steve. A lifesaver!”* ……more reviews.

Shoulder Pain:

A lot of shoulder pain starts in the arms as there are various important nerves that exit the neck and run down the arms, such as the median nerve, the radial nerve and ulna nerve. Shoulder pain usually starts with a tracking problem in that the shoulder doesn’t rotate properly in movement. Steve’s approach to fixing a shoulder problem involves aligning the spine and shoulders, freeing up the neck and loosening all the arm muscles so they don’t put pressure on nerves or distort the correct movement of the shoulder.*

“Before relocating to the North Coast I regularly visited a therapist trained by Steve, he was sensational and I received great relief, so of course when I moved it went without saying that I would visit Steve for relief. I am a swimmer and participate in triathlons for fun and often experience lower back, shoulder and tennis elbow complaints. Stephen Lockhart always gives me great relief and I would recommend him to anyone.”*……more reviews.

Knee Pain:

The knees are controlled greatly by the muscles in the hips and upper legs and so for a lot of knee pain you find certain muscles are distorting the correct movement of the joint or causing the body’s weight to be carried by the knee in an unbalanced way. Even when a knee scans show some damage or wear and tear it doesn’t mean you have to suffer from knee pain and by correcting the way the muscles act on and support the knees you can take away and restriction and pain quickly. This also goes for growing condition in young teens like Osgood Schlatters or even patella tendinitis both of which can be greatly improved by improving the condition of the muscles that support the knee.*

“After a long and frustrating road to find a good therapist I came across Steve. He is a very warm hearted, very welcoming and very knowledgeable Therapist who helped me thru my injuries and allowed me to be able to walk down the aisle on my wedding day without a limp! For that I will be forever grateful and very much appreciative. Highly recommend him and he’s brilliant talent”* ..……more reviews.

Ankle Pain:

When your body weight is loading the ankle(s) in an unbalanced way or one or more of the muscles in the foot or lower leg are not in their optimum condition you can easily have stubborn ankle pain. Fixing it is a fairly straight forward process if you work on the body’s mechanics and distribute the body weight evenly through both sides of the pelvis and legs.*

“Very helpful, polite, thorough, knowledgeable and professional. I believe I received excellent help and advice”*……more reviews.


Foot Pain:

Similarly with ankle pain, foot pain is often a problem stemming from the way the weight is being distributed down through the pelvis and legs and ending up in the feet. Strength in the foot muscles is also another factor with foot pain and when you correct the balance you should also strengthen the muscles in and around the feet for lasting pain relief.*

“He explained his procedure, and mentioned that I did not have to come back too often, very honest and caring”*…. more reviews.

Elbow Pain:

The elbow is greatly affected by the shoulder, neck and arm muscles in general. To get rid of elbow pain fast, including RSI type conditions the total loosening up of all areas in the upper back, neck and arms is required. Results with elbow and RSI pain should be seen very quickly.*

“Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. I haven’t experienced anything like what Steve does before, fantastic results”*……more reviews.

Wrist Pain:

With wrist pain we can include the hand as well as the connection is very real. Because you don’t weight bear with the hand and wrist it is common for these parts to be weak and fairly easily injured. By fixing any problems that exist in the neck, shoulders and arms and following that through to the wrist and hands pain should go away very quickly and follow on strengthening exercises are usually given to keep it away. Under the heading wrist pain we can also include Carpel Tunnel syndrome and RSI to those areas as they are treated the same way and you can expect fast results in most cases.*

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Steve and his techniques for amazing results, this was my first season at soccer for years where I didn’t pull up sore and stiff. Seeing Steve was the only thing I did differently!”* ……more reviews.



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