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Author Topic: Pain between the shoulder blades  (Read 11221 times)


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Pain between the shoulder blades
« on: February 20, 2007, 11:07:18 AM »
My problem is as follows.

For some time, about two years, I think, I have developed pain in my upper ? middle back, in the muscles just under/below my shoulder blades.  It is not there all the time.  In fact, it only crops up when I am standing, often in the kitchen (I love to cook) when chopping/slicing etc.  It also crops up when (again standing) I polish my shoes.

It feels like a cramp under and just below my shoulder blades (right is a bit worse than left side).  When I stretch or bend over, it helps a bit, but not much.

It seems to have become worse since I have been on my weight loss/fitness gain program which I commenced in August last year when, weighing in at 85kg (I am only 171cm tall!) I self diagnosed early signs of type II diabetes and figured it was time to act!

My weight loss / fitness gain program is self managed and self designed.  I have cut my energy intake from an average of 13.5MJ per day down to around 9.5MJ with concentration on lots of  fruit, lashings of vegetables and pulses, whole grain bread and cereal, and considerably reduced amounts of animal protein (more fish and less red meat).  I also take fish oil supplements.  Everything is measured, so I know my fibre intake is around 41 grams per day and fat contribution to total energy under 30%.  I love my wine at night and average three glasses (all counted in my calorific intake, of course).

My fitness program involves an average of 1 hour of very fast walking (around 7.2km per hour) plus 15 minutes of flat out  jog/walking up hill plus 10 minute brisk swim five days per week, with a four hour round of golf (walking, not in a cart!) on Saturday and a gentle walk with my wife on Sunday for an hour or so.

Three days a week I do 20 minutes of light weights plus sit ups (30), leg raisers (30), squats (30) and push ups (20).

I am now down to 66.5kg and my waist has shrunk from 103cm to 82cm.

Oh, I am 59 years old.

My work involves sitting, writing on my computer most of the day.  I sit in a comfortable office chair with my key board level with just below the bottom of my rib cage and screen set at eye level.  My elbows rest on the arm rests of my chair and I sit quite upright (I think!)

As soon as I sit down (or soon after), the pain goes.  It only returns when I stand up and start doing things with my arms/hands, especially at ?bench level?, although, the other day, I was standing up for an hour at a funeral (serves me right for being late) and I was most uncomfortable.

When my daughter in law, who lives (with our son) in New Zealand and has some massage experience gave me a work over while they were over for Christmas (had me lying on my stomach on the floor and ?dug? her fingers into the sore area, it worked a treat.  But she?s in NZ!

So, there we are.

Any thoughts?

Cheers and thanks


Steve Lockhart

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Re: Pain between the shoulder blades
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2007, 03:24:34 PM »
Hi Andy, sounds like you are very weak in the upper body and most of your exercise is for the lower body. Even the strain of supporting your arms and shoulders and head are stressful on a persons upper body more so when the muscles are tight and weak. The fact you got a benefit from the bit of massage shows me that your problems relates to weakness and a lack of circulation in your upper body. When you are standing you tilt your head forward a little or when you lift your arms up that increases the pressure on the weak area and heightens your pain.

The massage circumvents that for a short time and thus you feel better.

You could try regular deep tissue massage (once a week) and a gentle but consistant exercise program to build strength in your upper body.

There are many things you can do along the lines of self treatment also that I explain in my program,

Good luck,
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