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Author Topic: Lower back pain I thought was Sciatica. oops!  (Read 735 times)

Shane Talbot

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Lower back pain I thought was Sciatica. oops!
« on: December 19, 2023, 06:51:23 PM »
 Hi Team.

Just thought I would pass on my experience with this program.  I went into this well researched and with an open mind.  I had this lingering lower back pain over my right hip.  It came and went, came and went. I put up with it to the point where enough was enough.   I did the Physio thing and the usual variety of exercises with stretch bands etc.   Some Massage, particularly after a long training session, as well as stretching.  At 69 and a lifetime of running, trail running and Hiking I knew I would work it out in the end, and I did.  However, it took SLM, the DVD and all the Videos online to get to the root cause then then the remedy.  Simples!!  All I can say is that which we all know.  Knowledge and Understanding is the key.  You can beat around the bush looking for the usual short cuts, but if you want long term recovery, you need knowledge to truly understand what you're dealing with.  In my case it was as simple as working out the defective/AWOL muscles, getting them back into the game and how to keep them there. The Twin Ball is my NBFF.  The exercise routine in the DVD is comprehensive, but it would be disingenuous of me to state I am religiously following it in full.  However, I pick and choose the ones that suit my condition, mood and time available and allow them to flow into each other.  The Twin ball up the back trick was every couple of days to begin with but given I now have my back pain under control, I refer to it as required or more as general maintenance.  Anyway, just letting you know what I have experienced and hope anyone in the same back pain boat gives it a try.


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