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Author Topic: I recommend SLM Bodyworks DIY to everyone - even without back problems  (Read 7502 times)


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I am an athlete, middle to long distance runner to be specific.  I have been running for over 20years (since I was 10years old) and in my experience the one expectation every athlete of any field has is that at some point they will get injured.  There has always been something that unsettled me about this belief. It seemed like a self fulfilling prophecy. Surely our bodies (a magnificent display of mechanics) were designed to go through life effectively.  Surely our instinctive drive to be physically competitive does not and should not always end with the body breaking down. (In fact for many people it often breaks down without too much physical exertion.)
In 2006 I was training for a race but could not manage a consistent stretch of training with out referred sciatic pain.  I went to physios, to podiatrist, did Pilates invested in compression clothing and eventually ended up with an $800 pair of orthotics. All of this ‘therapy’ costing well over $2000 dollars.  I was told to expect reoccurring injury and the best I could hope for was to get to race when every my susceptible body would allow.  That unsettled feeling grew. I was just not willing to accept that my body could not achieve what I wanted it to.  That’s when I found ‘The Bad Back book’, the SLM Bodyworks web site and then the SLM DIY treatment program.  This has been the answer to that unsettled feeling.  There is in fact a way in which your body can operate efficiently. The program has allowed me to rebuild my body to the most efficient it has been in years.  The more I do the program the more I feel my body regaining its youth and health.  I truly believe that if ‘SLM Bodyworks’ and its principles were taught to our children before they weakened their bodies there would be little if any major back and back related problems.  It is extremely effective as a treatment of back and respective muscle pain however I believe it’s greatest value would be found in preventing these problems from occurring in the first place, there is no doubt in my mind (as a person who has tried everything) that following the ‘SLM Bodyworks’ approach is the key to maintaining our bodies natural state of proficiency.

I can't thank Steve Lockhart enough for offering the SLM Bodyworks knowledge in such an effective and caring manner.  Answering all of the forum questions especially specialised members area questions would be very time consuming for Steve, making the 'value' offered, exceptional

Yours Gratefully


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