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Finally Relief!!!!!!!!
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:32:36 PM »
  Hey Steve,

    Can a person in pain for almost 40+ years consider himself lucky?? I am feeling pretty lucky right now. I was pondering my condition of chronic back problem for the last 18 months and I thought to myself I wonder if someone has made a connection of bad back to CFS? So I Google "CFS caused by a bad back" and got your website near the top of the page. As soon as I started reading I knew I had found someone who could heal my mysterious condition.
     Your knowledge resonated so deeply I decided to reveal my afflictions which I thought I would take to my grave since I could find no one who would take it seriously or constructively. So here is my crazy ride. Growing up in a dysfunctional family I had terrible eating habits. My brother would affectionately call me "the human pig" for my tremendous amounts of junk food I could eat all day. Once I started working at 14 years old my diet would consist mostly of fast food, pizza, chips, ice cream and chocolate(loved M&Ms). I would never drink water, it was either soda or juice. I actually had a sense of false pride that I never got a stomach ache.  This was my main diet for the next 25+ years. Exercise was my passion as I was always running, doing pushups and situps. I thought I could burn anything up that I ate.
    Around the age of 16 I was playing a game of American football and got flattened on a tackle I was trying to make. The other fella tried to run right through me and the full body weight of both of us landed on my tailbone on a frozen field. I probably walked around for the next 7-10 days very stiff and sore. At that age I couldn't believe how long it took to heal.
    Around 19yrs I started teaching tennis full time after dropping out of college and thought I had found my vocation. Was making great money, wanted to play local tournaments and put in 12-16 hours on the tennis court almost everyday. Couldn't have been happier. After several months almost without warning I had a mental/physical breakdown.
I was overwhelmed with feelings of good vs evil and the eternal struggle of these forces. I don't feel i ever had feelings like that before. I was put in a psych ward for the next two months and I remember that first 3 or 4 days I was there, around dusk, I would get excruciating spasms in my back. My back would arch backwards and my eyes would go in the back of my head. I would be screaming to the attendants that "the cramps are coming  back" those intense days! I remember them telling me to relax but I couldn't and they would inject me with some drug and I would blackout or sleep. After those 4 days I never had an episode like that ever again. After 2 months I was released but it took few years to feel better especially since my diet didn't change and the drugs they gave me didn't work.
    At 31yrs I was doing air traffic control and things were going well till i suffered a partially torn deltoid ligament in my left ankle. It took 3-4 yrs for that injury to get properly diagnosed. So without being able to exercise intensely my delicate balance started to fall apart. I had a wrong part of my ankle operated on and then when a proper operation was done that doctor told me it would be 2 years to get back to full strength. The bad advice he told me was I wouldn't need any rehab, the ankle would heal by walking alone. He was right, the ankle did heal after 2 years.
   So now it is time to get back into shape but nothing feels good. I feel crummy while exercising during and after. I still get in decent shape but I don't have that sense of well being from exercise. I start to get some chronic knee pain that won't go away and has no structural damage and then after  several months would go away.
    Around 36yrs I buy a condo that is infested with a "pink mold". I am exposed to it for over a year because I had to deal with exposing the problem and how to clean it up. After this I am really sick. I have full blown CFS and digestion problems. Allergies to pets, perfumes, foods, foggy days. I'll never forget my stool pattern changed, I used to have a long healthy stool and now to this day I still have short, soft, broken feces. Though this is slowly changing. The guy I bought the home from lived their 2-3 years with no problem. That was when I started to think that maybe my immune system was damaged before I got exposed to the mold. I don't go to the dentist for a few years and when I do he tells me all my enamel has eroded off my teeth. The dentist tells me your a very sick man but I go all kinds of specialists with all kinds of blood tests and they all say I am a healthy man.
     Around 40yrs went to part time on my job and joined a yoga commune for a couple of years and my health improved but still got mysterious knee pain and one PT thought my sacrum was out of alignment but didn't know how to fix it.
    About 43yrs I am back to working full time and feeling fairly healthy. A friend convinces me to train for a marathon and against my better judgement I do it. After a few months of training I try a run on concrete for the 1st time. About the 3rd mile into the run I get a mysterious pain in my right foot but think nothing of it and finish the 5mi run. The pain never goes away, now I can't sleep more that 2-4 hours and am exhausted 24/7. Some allergies are back again. I get into caveman diet and the allergies get better but the sleeplessness  and foot pain never go away.
    At 53yrs I retire to work on my health full time and all my allergies are just about gone. I do a lot of hiking, golf, biking, swimming. My foot problems go away since I didn't have to sit all day. I could rest in a recliner. Now the back pain starts to creep in slowly to the point it becomes chronic and I have to lay down much of the day.  Doctors want to replace my right hip and say I have spinal stenosis in my L4-L5. Luckily I stumble on great massage therapist and I get substantial improvement but he doesn't have the experience get me fully recovered quickly.
   So here I am, with wonderful improvement doing your SLM Yoga for about a week. Lots of things are percolating and lots of questions are coming.
                          Thanks so much Steve for all you do!!!!

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