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Author Topic: Chronic pain and limited mobility for 20 years - 4 SLM Yoga Sessions - WOW!  (Read 5807 times)


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After only 4 yoga sessions, 4 days in a row, I am feeling tremendous improvement.  Prior to your yoga program, I was at a point where taking a few steps or ten seconds of dancing hurt me so much that I would be limping home.  I went dancing tonight (which also required a walk to and from the establishment) and I was able to move without restriction or pain.  I still have more progress to make, as I have been in chronic pain for almost 20 years due to multiple car accidents.  But I am just so pleased and grateful to have found your program, that I just cannot express how thankful I am.  Aimee Elizabeth, author of Poverty Sucks!


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That's fantastic Aimee, thanks for letting me know.  :D


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