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Author Topic: 6 week update  (Read 2336 times)


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6 week update
« on: November 11, 2017, 01:15:18 AM »
Hi all,

Another update on my progress doing the SLM yoga and other extensive exercises. My back pain is gone but I also know from the program that I need to keep doing the exercises to get stronger and more supple or these problems can come back. For over 2+ years I had a constant "knot" in my lower right back and that is gone. Had trouble straightening my right leg and getting pain free when sleeping in any position for the last 20+ months. Now I am comfortably resting in any position, though my sleep pattern is still not where it should be, but a huge improvement! Very happy with my progress!
     Have not been able to walk comfortably for 18+ months. Yesterday with the help of SLM yoga and talking with Steve in the forum I tried walking 40 minutes. This was by far the best result I had gotten walking in a long time. I had no stiffness when I finished and my stride felt much more balanced.
    My misalignments and muscle imbalances have been ingrained in my body for over 25+ years. So I still have some more extensive work to do to get fully realigned and strong but have been amazed on the speed of improvement. Especially since I have had numerous doctors tell me I needed a hip replacement.
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Re: 6 week update
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2017, 11:05:17 PM »
Great news Rocket  :D
Its all a logical process !



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