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Author Topic: September 09 healthletter - Back Pain Treatment.  (Read 11371 times)

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September 09 healthletter - Back Pain Treatment.
« on: September 13, 2009, 06:16:20 AM »
Back Pain Treatment.

When most people get back pain it starts off as an inconvenience. At first you start to try and recall what you could have done for it to happen and often come up with nothing. You assume as there was no real trigger it should just go away in time and for some people it seems to do just that.

For about 50% of people it doesn’t and you feel it from day to day at different times, depending on what you have been doing. The usual trigger for your discomfort is sitting or standing for long periods but after a good night’s sleep it often feels at its best. If you are someone who likes to exercise you probably find the exercise flares it up and although it is fine while you are actually exercising, afterwards you feel it. At least until you get to bed and settle it down again.

If your job involves a lot of sitting or standing you might be starting to get more than a little concerned after it has been giving you trouble on and off for a couple of months and so you start to think about what you should do to get it sorted out.

For the people who rarely get anything wrong with them you head off to your doctor to see what they have to say. It is as good a place as any to start and you naturally think they will have the experience to be able to advise you properly.

They might suggest an X-Ray when you tell them it has been hanging around for a couple of months but when that shows nothing is wrong structurally, they suggest you try some anti inflammatory drugs for a week or two and see how it is then.

These work instantly and the relief after a few weeks of pain is bliss and although they make you feel a bit seedy in the stomach at least your pain is pretty much gone and you can continue with your life.

Once your supply runs out you notice the back problem returns and now you are getting more concerned. You have heard about how these things can hang around for a long time and so far the doctor doesn’t seem to have a handle on what is wrong. Nevertheless you decide to go back to them one more time and see what they can suggest going froward. Their answer is to try some physiotherapy and they give you a referral to someone local.

On your first visit you are questioned on the history of the problem and given some localised ultrasound treatment around the site of the pain, perhaps some mobilisation of the joint and some stretches and strengthening exercises to take away and do for a week before your next appointment.

After all that, you come back no better and the same treatment is repeated with a plausible explanation as to why you are yet to see a result. This goes on for 3, 5 or up to 8 weeks with still no noticeable improvement and as you are now $330 to $500 out of pocket you feel it might be time to look somewhere else.

Your friend, who has been through a similar thing suggests you see their chiropractor and you think why not so make an appointment immediately.

The first session goes through the history again and he orders some more X-rays to do a thorough assessment. The next visit and another $200 and you get an adjustment to your spine which seems to flare it up, but after a plausible explanation as to why that can happen and be perfectly normal, you agree to come back 3 days later for another visit.

Again the adjustment irritates the pain and it takes a few days to settle down only to be back to where it was before you went there. At this stage your expense for this problem is several hundred dollars and you are starting to wonder if you have something more sinister going on. Your questions get answers but are not backed up by results but as you have nowhere else to go you persevere with the chiropractor for a few more weeks.

After your expenses pass the $1000 mark and you are no better pain wise you start to look around the internet for clues to solve the mystery of your pain yourself. After all you are starting to feel like part of a production line when you visit a therapist and maybe there are unique aspects to your problem that they are missing.

This is when the confusion really sets in. On the net there are literally hundred of sites all saying they have the miracle cure for all types of back pain and everyone one of them touches a nerve when they talk about what you feel and how your life is on hold as a result of your pain. Very few sites give much away as far as an understanding of back pain by telling you anything significant but their money back promises of a cure seem tempting and with little else available and supposedly nothing to lose you figure, why not.

The first program you buy is a series of stretches as is the second and the third and although they all have a few differences, essentially they are the same. Stretches have never worked longer than a few hours for you so you start looking for something different, something that offers more than just promises but rather some logical information that will demonstrate an in depth understanding of everything to do with back pain and a sensible plan of action to move forward.

You disregard the promises of a magic pill and the revolutionary program that worked for some long term back pain sufferer who now claims because he is better he has all the answers for everyone else as well.

You are drawn to the offer of a free book written by a back pain specialist who has a string of testimonies from elite athletes and everyday people alike and more importantly gives away lots of factual, logical information outlining his exact approach to fixing pain for the large majority of people. The best thing of all is that his approach is different to anything you have tried or seen previously and so you start your journey back to the life you remembered, pain free and active.

This is an actual story told to me in my clinic last week by a guy who travelled quite a long way to see me. He started by buying my self treatment program and was so encouraged by the results he got in the first couple of months he wanted to finish off his recovery by seeing me personally. I have suggested he come to one of our upcoming conferences to get the 2 weeks of intensive treatment to do the job properly for him and in the meantime continue with the slightly modified self treatment program I have given him. He has had his problem building up for a number of years ever since he hurt himself at work lifting a heavy beam. At this stage he is out of pain but realises it will take some time yet to be totally normal again.

It is a minefield of information out there and most of it will do little more than add to your frustration. It is targeted at people who are most vulnerable as they desperately  search for a cure for their pain that hasn’t responded to a therapists touch. The best advice I could give would be look for the person who is prepared to share actual back pain information with you, rather than just try to push your emotional buttons with marketing information that amounts to little more than an unbelievable story. Without a systematic, logical approach that is clearly spelt out for you and different to what you have tried and failed with already, the chances of lasting success are very slim. There is no magical cure for back pain.


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Re: September 09 healthletter - Back Pain Treatment.
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2009, 11:44:42 PM »
hi steve, i recently purchased your book and dvd on back pain . much of what you talk about is typical of my situation, and makes a lot of sense to me. but I still have a querie very specific to my situation.
-i will quickly outline what i do know about my condition. i recently had an x-ray which according to a chiropractor i am seeing periodically revealed a basically healthy spine/pelvis.
-despite this i am very tight and have restricted movement through the sacriliac joint.
-i have had 2 acl knee reconstuctions
-i am a bit of a fitness junky.because of my knee, relying mainly on bike riding for my cardio.
-i get regular deep tissue massage from a very reputable massure ,this helps very little.
-i believe i do sit to much in my job.
-i definetly have some siatic nerve problems through my buttock and upper hamstrings.

My specific question is to do with sleeping, if i fall asleep on my back in a horizontal position i wake 2-3 hrs later with a very deep and persistant ache in my lower back. but if i sleep in a recliner chair, on my back, giving me a spine angle of about 25 degrees i experience no pain at all. i noticed this gradually develop over a 6 year period but only over the last couple of years has it become unbearable and seems to have rolled into my everyday back health. i do have a good quality bed. if you believe you can explain this situation i would value your point of veiw.

                                                   yours sincerely,craig smith

Steve Lockhart

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Re: September 09 healthletter - Back Pain Treatment.
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2009, 02:28:42 AM »
Hi Craig, you seem to have made this post twice. I have moved a copy to the private members area where I will answer it for you .



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