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Author Topic: June 09 healthletter Breaking bad habits  (Read 7997 times)

Steve Lockhart

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June 09 healthletter Breaking bad habits
« on: June 21, 2009, 04:29:28 AM »
The biggest difficulty with fixing back pain.

It isnít just about finding someone with good hands who can help you, - well not for a lot of people anyway - it is changing your existing bad habits.

Most people I see with back pain are not a simple case of working on a healthy body the right way and the pain is gone forever. Because most people who have pain also have bad lifestyle habits they find very difficult to change.

I mean if you have been smoking for 20 or 30 years, or never done a stick of exercise in your life, or have been use to having a drink after work every day for many years, eating rubbish food or skipping meals, they are pretty solid habits. It isnít easy to just change that when everything else around you is just the same.

I have been looking at this issue for quite a few years now and trying to work out the best way to make this as easy as possible for people.  I believe the answer is Hypnosis.

Have you ever thought of it? Maybe you are like the large percentage of people and are a bit fearful of it because it isnít well understood. Possible the only time you have heard of hypnosis is what you saw on TV when a man was hypnotising a bunch of football players, getting them to do all sorts of silly things to entertain the audience. How embarrassing you might have thought.

Let me explain a bit more of exactly what hypnosis is about and why you really have nothing to fear from it.

Our mind is made up of two basic parts, our conscious and our sub conscious mind. Our conscious mind is what we use to make decisions that we think about. The conscious mind is working when we are talking to someone, making a selection in a shop or reading a book. On the other hand our sub conscious mind is active when we are sleeping or doing a task as we daydream about something totally different.

Our sub conscious mind controls the automatic functions in our body like breathing. We donít have to consciously think about every breath we take, do we? Our sub conscious mind is what also controls our habitual behaviour as well. The trigger to light up a cigarette every time you sit down with a cup of coffee is a subconscious action.

Hypnosis bypasses your conscious mind while it communicates with your sub conscious mind.

Your sub conscious mind doesnít analyse things, thatís the conscious minds job. So the sub conscious mind can be told what to do, or reprogrammed you might say, and this is what hypnosis has the potential to do.

Reaching for a sugar food, a cigarette, a drink or even a drug are subconscious, habitual actions. Theyíre triggered by an addiction in many cases, which is what makes them so very difficult to break.

Have you ever found your conscious mind telling yourself, as you are eating, smoking or drinking the wrong thing, ďI really shouldnít be doing this, or I must stop this,Ē and yet nothing ever changes?

That is because it is your conscious mind fighting your well programmed and addicted subconscious mind, so itís fighting a losing battle with most people.

As the hypnotherapist relaxes you during the session they get you into that dreamtime state when you are not consciously analysing everything being said. They then connect with your subconscious mind and change the way you think about something, like the bad habit, with suggestions you take on board.

Instead of your subconscious mind believing you need a cigarette every hour or a drink as soon as you are finished work, that automatic thought process will be replaced by the opposite belief.

Instead of having to go through the withdrawals and frustration, even failures, associated with trying to give up a bad habit, you can just lie down, be nice and relaxed, while your subconscious belief about something you want out of your life, is changed for you.

It isnít like some people think where you donít remember the session and are unconscious during it. Not at all. A hypnotherapist canít work with someone who is unconscious.

You are aware of what is being said and always in control of yourself but you are so relaxed, and want to accept what you hear as perfectly logical and exactly what you want because it is about giving up the bad habit.

It might take a few sessions to completely beak a habit but so much easier than trying to do it yourself.

The way I thought would be great to introduce this concept to you is through a guy I have come across and have been listening to for a while now, Adam Eason from the UK. The good thing about what Adam is doing is he is bringing hypnotherapy to you in your own home. He has developed a long list of  programs that will deal with most every concern you have. They are extremely affordable and you just download an MP3 to listen to.

Please visit his site and just look around as there is lots of useful information.

While you are there keep an eye out for the hypnosis program on stress as it is totally free to download and listen to so you can get an idea what he is all about. He has a large number of hypnosis sessions available so be sure to have a look at the site,

If something is holding you back from doing your self treatment or saying no to things that aren't good for you, do yourself a favour, I wouldn't recommend him unless I was confident about what he could do for you.

I know you are really going to enjoy Adam and his unique entertaining manner.

All the best and happy dreams,



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Re: June 09 healthletter Breaking bad habits
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2009, 09:33:35 PM »
Hi Steve,
I have always thought Hypnosis would be interesting to look into, yet never have, due to lack of knowledge & stigma at the time. It is very interesting you have touched this subject. I think I may look again.
Thank you

Steve Lockhart

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Re: June 09 healthletter Breaking bad habits
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2009, 04:37:53 AM »
I would clovelli I have only heard great reports from people who have tried it and Adam Eason is one of the better therapist at it. I am so impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the mind when I hear him speak.

Good luck,


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