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Author Topic: January/ February Healthletter.- Your Body the Sewer  (Read 6992 times)

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January/ February Healthletter.- Your Body the Sewer
« on: February 01, 2007, 07:39:25 PM »
This months healthletter covers a subject that doesn't get discussed at dinner parties or social gatherings. In fact it is a pretty disgusting and generally boring topic yet one that has such a huge impact on our health and body in general that it definitely warrants a healthletter or two being devoted to it.

Everyone knows about the importance of a good diet and adequate nutrition these days, we are being bombarded with the message constantly and although many people have taken steps to improve this part of their life there is another even more important area they are neglecting and that's their bowel.

Those of you have read my Bad Back Book or purchased the self treatment program will be familiar with the term the treatability of your body. Briefly this means how responsive your body is to the corrective bodywork a therapist is performing on you in order to take away your pain. A body that is not very treatable can be very hard to fix regardless of how skilled the therapist is because the muscles are very stressed and stubborn and don't make taking away imbalances an easy task. One of the main reasons a person becomes untreatably is because their system is full of toxins and waste and the only thing improved circulation achieves is to move that waste from one part of the body to another.

Almost 100 years ago, the Russian born bacteriologist and 1908 Nobel Laureate,
Ilya Mechnikov, stated: ?Death begins in the colon.? In his groundbreaking book Prolongation of Life, Mechnikov doposted by a loserented in detail the unusually lengthy life
spans of several societies that practised eating fermented foods and special bacterial cultures called kefirs. He made consistent observations of 100+ year-old men and
women that were still leading highly active and healthy lives!

The latest medical research has found that up to 90% of all known human illness
and disease can be traced back to an unhealthy colon.

People generally have a false sense of complacency about their health?
They believe that because they faithfully take vitamins, or regularly bombard themselves with silver bullets, pills and potions, that they won?t contract a disease?
Fact is: North Americans ingest more vitamin and mineral supplements per capita than any other educated population in the world. Yet, 1 out of 2 Americans will
still die due to either heart disease or cancer! Similar death rates for heart disease and cancer now exist worldwide.

As the general public learns more about the importance of a healthy functioning bowel and the consumption of quality probiotics, and health practitioners
acknowledge their importance in the maintenance of our health, we will have
connected the dots between a healthy colon, sound health and increased life span.

Once harmful toxin-producing bacteria and fungi take over in the gastrointestinal tract, our immune system has become severely compromised. Given our exposure to stress, toxic chemicals, antibiotics, steroidal drugs and carcinogenic substances, it is a must that we proactively guard the health of our body by periodically cleansing our colon (bowel) and supplementing with probiotics every day.

If the bacteria are consumed without the cleansing it is like painting a room before you have cleaned the walls. By cleaning the colon first the bacteria you consume from a quality probiotic will help maintain the healthy environment and severely hamper the proliferation of disease.

Common Warning Signs of a Bacteria Imbalance or a build up of waste in the bowel.

? Difficulty losing weight, sugar/carbohydrate cravings
? Frequent fatigue, poor concentration
? Frequent constipation or diarrhoea
? Faulty digestion, acid reflux and other gut disorders
? Sleeping poorly, possible night sweats
? Painful joint inflammations/stiffness
? Bad breath, gum disease & dental problems
? Frequent colds, flu or infections
? Chronic yeast problems, candida
? Acne, eczema, skin & foot fungus, etc
? Extreme menstrual or menopausal symptoms
? Allergies and food sensitivities.


The reason you need to take in the right combination of bacteria every day is because so many things we consume in our lives kills the ones that are there.

? Antibiotics
? Birth control pills
? Steroidal/hormonal drugs
? Fluoride
? Chlorine
? Coffee/tea
? Carbonated drinks
? Man-made vitamins
? Synthetic ascorbic acid
? Radiation
? Stress
? Preservatives
? Additives
? Pesticides
? Fertilisers


It is impossible, when we eat two, three or more meals a day, not to have residue acposted by a loserulating in the colon in the form of undigested food particles as well as the end product from food which has undergone the process of digestion.  Imagine how much can be present after years and thousands of meals!

Furthermore, not only does food waste acposted by a loserulate in the colon, but so does the millions of cells and tissues which have served their purpose and been replaced in the process of regeneration.  These cells and tissues are dead proteins and are of a highly toxic nature if allowed to ferment and putrefy.  You have no doubt experienced the offensive aroma emanating from the body of an animal which has died and whose carcass has begun to decompose.  The cells and tissues in the body undergo the same decomposition under favourable conditions.  Conditions are favourable when waste is allowed to remain in the colon longer than is necessary.
The very purpose of our sewerage system, the colon, as an organ of elimination, is to collect all fermentative and putrefied toxic waste from every part of the anatomy, and by the peristaltic waves of the muscles of the colon remove all solid and semi solid waste from the body. Nature's laws of preservation and hygiene require and insist that this sewage system be cleansed regularly. Innumerable ailments, sickness and diseases follow if waste is allowed to acposted by a loserulate.


The healthier your body is the less stress, more energy and happier you will be and these are all very important ingredients for making your body more treatable whether you are seeing a therapist or working with the self treatment program.

By taking the necessary steps to fix your elimination and build a healthier environment inside your body you will not only have a much greater chance and getting rid of your back pain quickly and effectively but you will be safeguarding your future health and limiting the chance of your ending up with a serious disease.


To order the best product for cleansing and revitalising your whole elimination system simply go here and get the ffdetox program

To order the best daily probiotic to maintain your gut and colon and protect your health in the future go here,  and look for Inliven.
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Re: January/ February Healthletter.- Your Body the Sewer
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I just want to say thank you for the information that you have been shared about January/ February Healthletter.- Your Body the Sewer...  ;)

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