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Author Topic: April 09 Healthletter Scoliosis.  (Read 10738 times)

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April 09 Healthletter Scoliosis.
« on: April 17, 2009, 06:23:40 AM »
A common problem that people experience with their back is scoliosis. It is a curving of the spine that either causes, or is caused by, muscle imbalances in the body. It sets up bad muscle fatigue whenever someone sits or stands and is often accompanied by severe tiredness.

I have seen quoted that a mild form of scoliosis is said to be present in 50% of the population and doesn’t require treatment. But the scoliosis association of Australia differ in saying that one in 10 people will have scoliosis, but only two to three in 1,000 will need treatment.

There are two types of Scoliosis, functional which develops as a result of muscle imbalances, or structural which is either a deformity of the spine someone is born with, or develops very early on in life.

Structural scoliosis can often have genetic links and is a curse because it is a source of pain or discomfort right throughout life and severely restricts a persons ability to do exercise or sports.

Both can result in debilitating pain but when you are born with it (structural) there is little chance of getting it fixed permanently and keeping the discomfort at a reasonable level can be very expensive. Often surgery is used to insert a steel rod alongside the spine in an attempt to keep it straight which can make a person reasonably comfortable but also it greatly restricts movement.

For less severe case a brace may be used to help a person support their back when the muscles start to fatigue.

Basically scoliosis is just a label put on a muscle imbalance problem so any treatment that is effective in treating the muscle imbalances will go a long way to minimizing the discomfort that accompanies scoliosis.

Many cases of functional scoliosis can be corrected with the right treatment and exercises but the amount of time a person has it, is a big determining factor in the time it would take to get rid of it.

If you suffer from scoliosis there are a few things you can do to minimise the discomfort you suffer from, but first it is important to be aware of what probably won't work. The typical treatment of stretching and exercise is pretty ineffective in most cases because it doesn’t help correct the muscle imbalances that set it up in the first place.

When a muscle is contracted or dysfunctional it resists being lengthened by stretching or being moved with exercise. Rather it shifts the pressure from the exercise to other muscles and transfers any stretch to the connective tissue around the joint like the tendons and ligaments.  That is why a person whose tissue is healthy and who stretches religiously ends up with sloppy loose joints and a contracted belly in the muscles.

People with scoliosis need to concentrate on 3 things to minimise their discomfort and work towards having a straighter, suppler spine.

1.   Firstly they need to have a good balanced diet and supplement program to ensure their muscles are strong, supple and responsive to the right sort of exercises.

2.   They need to use release techniques on the muscles to stop them becoming contracted and pulling on the joints of the spine, neck and lower back.

3.   Finally they need to be doing gentle exercises that move their muscles through a good range but don’t overload them causing them to tighten up.

It is the same theory behind treating any type of back pain whereby rather than targeting symptoms a persons needs to get their body into a healthier, stronger more balanced state so it can heal itself. This involves changing diet, being selective on the exercises you do and learning self treatment techniques that you can do anytime your body overloaded in any area.

For more detailed information on this.

If you have a Scoliosis story you would like to share please post it here. Just register and click on new topic.

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