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Forum Information
« on: August 15, 2006, 08:22:37 PM »
Welcome to the Self Treatment for Back Pain Forum. Please feel free to post your comments or experiences but DO NOT post information on commercial products if you wish to retain access. Please treat fellow posters with respect and understand that we are all here to learn and solve the mystery of back pain so there is no need for abusive or derogatory remarks.

Any specific questions will be answered by Steve as soon as possible so please be patient. If you have any friends who also suffer from back pain or sciatica we would love to have them join this forum so please pass on our warm invitation. I hope you enjoy the content and get the answers you are looking for.

  • No commercial posts of any kind. Those who do will be banned.
  • No swearing or aggressive posts of any kind.

People entering this forum do so on the understanding that any advice given is not meant as a medical diagnosis and is purely the opinion of Steve Lockhart or anyone he may employ to answer questions at any time in the future. All suggestions are just that and should be checked and cleared with a qualified medical specialist before any action is taken. Steve Lockhart and his agents or the owners of this forum or web site accept no responsibility for any action of any person as a result of information or a suggestion made on this web site.

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