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Author Topic: Severe chronic neck pain?  (Read 7075 times)


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Severe chronic neck pain?
« on: March 23, 2011, 11:22:05 PM »
Severe chronic neck pain?
I have scoliosis, and for the last couple of years that has been giving me back pain like I've never experienced. Because of this, I started seeing a chiropractor in August of 2009. For a long time I went three times a week, and as my back got better little by little I eventually started going every other week. I had to stop this July due to financial problems. I do a lot of popping of my back and neck at home to tone down the still constant pain. My chiropractor says popping it is not dangerous. A few months before I stopped going, I must have slept wrong or something, because I woke up one day with my neck very sore. It went away eventually, then it would come back at random times, to the point where I could hardly move my neck.
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Re: Severe chronic neck pain?
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Chiropractors don't fix the muscle problems and thats why the pain never leaves for good. You need to get lots of deep tissue massage now to make the results more permanent.

Any chiropractic adjustment should be done in one or two visits and it it comes back after that it is the muscles.



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