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Author Topic: How to work round irritations from exercises?  (Read 8754 times)


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How to work round irritations from exercises?
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:43:24 PM »
I have been doing the SLM yoga and exercises for 6 weeks now and making good progress.  I am confident that this approach will help me improve over time.  But currently I have two points of irritation that I would like a workaround for.
1.  Irritated vertebra at waist level?
     This is getting irritated by the Erector Rotation exercise.  I am aware that I am 64 and very stiff from years of sitting, so I have approached this exercise gently, in fact I hardly rotate at all, so try to stay within my flexibility. 
      I presume I am getting irritated at the waist level as that is the last point of movement before the illium area, so it is getting overworked.
     To minimize the irritation I have started moving my feet and legs in a walking on the spot motion - that allows my pelvis to move and soften the vertebra irritation.
     Is this my best solution Steve? You say to keep the pelvis still but I notice on the SLM Yoga video that you do sway your pelvis, and that looks natural.
2.  Sore knees?
     About 10 mins into my Wall Sit the area below my knee on the outer side of my leg starts to ache.  It can occur at different times on both legs. I try to relax and loosen it off, and I have tried to activate different muscles to work around it, and I have tried to push through it, but it is just getting worse.
     I presume it is because of an overstrong/weak muscle in the upper leg but don't know how to approach solving this.
     Can you pls advise Steve?
3.   Members area - you mention that you answer personal question in the member's area.  How do I get into that area Steve?

Here's hoping - I tried to post this question a week ago but can find no trace of it, so am trying again.
Thanks Steve

Steve Lockhart

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Re: How to work round irritations from exercises?
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2015, 05:28:17 PM »
Hi Sally, firstly if you just scroll down on the front page of the forum the section at the bottom is the private members area and only people with that access will see it. You have that access.

As for your questions, for the erector/ waist irritation, use the single or double ball release technique along the whole length of the erector spinae muscles.
This should help lengthen the erectors and stop them pulling on the lower attachment point.

For your knees use a foam roller to break up the congestion in the quadricep (thigh) muscles especially along the line above where you feel the pain. Do this before and after wall sits for a while until the pain goes away.

The irritations are a sign of muscles that are not extending to their correct length as they are suppose to and need specific work to drag some length into them.



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