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Title: Severe hip pain
Post by: Joanne28 on January 21, 2011, 04:13:00 PM
Hi Steve,

I would like to ask a question regarding my Mother who has had a very sore hip for the past 2 to 3 weeks but yesterday she had very severe pain which brought her to tears, cold shivers and an inability to sit or walk.  Throughout her pain in the 2 to 3 weeks she has been placing heat and dencorub but has continued with her daily housework and gardening which would obviously have continued to irritate it.

As a brief background I do believe she has some bulging discs in the L4/L5 region and has had sciatica flareups.  In her desperation for relief she is going to see a remedial massage therapist today and refuses to take any steroids, painkillers or injections which is better I believe.

I plan on showing her the double ball technique, and obviously a few sessions with SLM treatment would clear this up right?  she really needs help as it is at an acute stage.  The pain is really now just in her hip she explains but did have some lower back pain initially.

Thanks Steve, I appreciate any advice
Title: Re: Severe hip pain
Post by: Steve Lockhart on January 21, 2011, 09:08:01 PM
Hi Joanne, most hip pain (in the joint) comes from a short leg on the other side. The chapter on short leg in The Bad Back Book explains how this happens. In your mums case the lower back pain (and even bulging disc) that was there initially could also be a product of a short leg.