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Author Topic: So tired of this leg pain....  (Read 8915 times)


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So tired of this leg pain....
« on: November 27, 2007, 05:04:00 PM »
Hi -
> I don't know where to go from here.  I'm 42.  Had a baby when I was 40.
> At the end of pregnancy I could barely walk, but I could.  Just hurt in
> the groin area terribly.  After her birth, I had a stiff back.  MY feet
> hurt in the morning just to touch the floor.  I had a hard time standing
> up straight.  But after some waking hours I could get around.  My posture
> was horrible.  When I walked I felt rubbery in my legs.  I felt like my
> gait was wobbly.
> I'm 5' 1", btw, and average weight is 125.
> Well, I thought time would help.  I waited and waited and nothing.  Felt
> the same.  I told my doctor but he just kinda dismissed it, wouldn't
> acknowledge it really.  So a year and a half goes by, my posture is still
> poor.  I tried exercising and it only did one thing to me - made me feel
> worse!  My back paid a price if I exercised.  Well this year in spring I
> really wanted to do some exercises at home and just deal with the no
> pain/no gain thing.  I did various abdominal exercises, lifted some small
> dumbbells for arms, and squats.  When the weather warmed, around May, I
> was working out in the yard pulling weeds and felt a zipper like feeling
> up my butt/back.  Next thing, I'm at the doctors asking about my back and
> this newfound limp/pain in my left leg.  He said it's sciatica and that I
> had 6 lovely weeks to look forward to pain.  I could NOT believe it.  I've
> never been in so much pain in my life.  It was excruciating.  I saw the
> sun come up many mornings in tears because I couldn
> 't sleep all night from pain.  My husband, older daughter, dad didn't know
> what to do for me.  And taking care of the baby all day was a sad
> uneventful time.  Baby adjusted to what I could and couldn't do.  I ended
> up at the emergency room two weeks into this.  A regular, but high quality
> Xray revealed a bulge on L5.  I was given pain pills but couldn't use them
> because I couldn't take care of the baby while on those.
> On the internet I was readiing about Chiro for sciatica, so I called
> around and went to a local guy.  He was ok, but did a few moves that sent
> through the roof.  Then i went to a chiro that did "Active Release
> Technique" - no good, but she did order an MRI, with that I got a definite
> diagnosis of the problem.  Then I went to a chiro that said she did "Cox®"
> Flexion/Distraction.  Ended up her table was not a Cox table, and her idea
> of F/D was on some cruddy table that would break in the middle if you
> sat/lie wrong, and she needed Wd 40 to move it, plus she ripped me off $.
> Then I found chiro #4 who did F/D on a decent table, and after about 2
> weeks I was much better and at about 4 weeks later, by my birthday (august
> 13) I was walking around great and gladly forgotten that pain.  I was very
> happy.  But later, about a month, I tried to lessen the visits to the
> chiro from 2X aweek to once a week.  Once I started doing that a pain
> arose in my right leg.  I was like OMG, no.  But yeah, the pain, or the
> fragment of the bulge must've shifted and was now effecting the nerve
> going down the other leg.  I tried to have the chiro go back to the CD of
> pics on my MRI to discuss what could be happening but all he could say is
> go to a neurologist and see if chiro treatments are suitable for my
> condition.  Then I lost faith in him, because he wasn't interested in
> looking at them, wanted me to see this neurologist (who did not take
> insurance) and then when I had a visit with him, every movement he did
> HURT.  I left there feeling so rotten.  I haven't been back since.
> My leg kinda feels the same gradual improvement as did on my other leg
> (after MANY weeks) but I'm not sure.  I feel like I need to look for chiro
> #5 but then again - here I am - on YOUR website and reading how you CAN
> help me help myself, even with personal help via email.
> So where do I go from here?  Can you really help my sciatica? My back?  My
> posture?
> Please - if you can - I'd be so grateful.  If you have any advice for me
> now, I'd be very thankful.  I am unsure of where to go from this point on.
> My husband is telling me to go back to the GP doctor and see what he
> thinks.  I already know the answer - he wants to send me to a
> neurosurgeon.
> I'd appreciate any advice you have to offer.
> Thank you!
> Marsha

Steve Lockhart

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Re: So tired of this leg pain....
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2007, 04:08:02 AM »
Hi Marsha,
I must start by saying I love your user name it gave me a laugh  ;D but I know you must be far from feeling amused from the information in your post.

I am a fairly straight shooter and don't mince words so for what it is worth this is my opinion. I think you are wasting your time with chiropractors and shouldn't bother finding #5. Anything they can do for you has been done and as you would have read in my Bad Back Book they will do their best work in the first couple of sessions and if that hasn't fixed you it is time to move on for a different type of therapy.

Likewise your visits to the doctor will only depress you further because they are not equipped to deal with your sort of problem which to me is a classic case of muscle imbalance with key ones not working for you.

You will get the best results from deep muscle work from a therapist that is skilled at RELEASING muscles that are shortened up in spasm.(not just normal massage that will relax them)  There is also lots of things you can do for yourself both with preparing your body so that it responds well to the right therapy and even working on the key areas yourself with a tennis ball to speed the process up and get fast relief.

I see a lot of your problems stemming from your erector spinae muscles and the pressure they are putting on your lower back and the nerves in that area. I have a self treatment program that expains all this in detail and covers everything else you need to know or consider along the way and I believe this would be a very useful tool to help you save money both on unnecessary therapies and to speed up the results from the right therapies.

As a purchaser of the self treatment program you will also get access to the private thread in this forum (you will only see it when I open it for you) where I will help give you any further guidance you need on your particular case.

Good luck,


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Re: So tired of this leg pain....
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2009, 05:36:15 PM »
To any sufferers of back pain and sciatica, fibromyaligia, etc.

As a long term sufferer I can testify to some of what has been said on this site, relating to muscles. Please however look at professional advice more carefully. Some conditions DO require more than work with muscles, relaxation and thought. In fact, for some conditions some advice can be downright dangerous and make your condition much much worse depending on the damage that has been caused. Deep tissue massage put me into severe spasms and caused more damage than it fixed. The power of the mind is amazing, but not the whole story in many cases because the damage has been done and needs to be fixed. Exercise of any description is great, but only if it is done within the limits of the injury you have.

There are miracle cures out there because after 5 years of chronic severe sciatic pain, I did find one and with a combination of therapy and exercise I can say that I have been permanently cured. No it wasn't in my head, the reason my pain was cured was because I used a combination of things and that is what works best. By all means use the yoga techniques within reason, they're great for strengthening especially core muscles which support the back, for balancing emotions and relaxation - but please seek other advice as well.

Sometimes the problem is NOT only in the muscles. Personally, I don't like to see other practictioners work knocked. We should all work together. I did try everything. Pulsed magnetic energy (P.E.R.2000) worked for me, and it was a miracle cure for me, because as Steve rightly says, exercise of the muscles is key. This is a way of non-invasively exercising muscles, and for someone with hypersensitivity and extreme pain, where any form of exercise is painful, this is the answer. It also reduces inflammation, which exercise does too, but for a body locked up in pain and spasm, this may not be possible to do conventional exercise or conventional physiotherapy.

Not knocking what you do Steve, but having been there, done most things, I know what worked for me, and everyone is different. I do believe in some cases surgery can be avoided. For me, it wasn't successful because the disc had rubbed on the nerve for far too long causing damage. I was told that damage would likely be permanent, given drugs that made me sick, etc etc. That may have been avoided had I had the surgery early on. As you say muscles played a part in that, but not the major part. Relaxed Muscles cannot put back a severe disc bulge or heal a disc tear. Pulsed energy CAN heal soft tissue more quickly. Chiropractic CAN unjam a locked sacroilliac joint where exercise can exacerbate the problem. Work with other professionals. Steve, Love most of what you said. People out there do need help. Your testimonies are wonderful and a real credit to what you do. To pain sufferers, keep trying, and please keep looking for the miracle cures. They are out there. I am living proof of that. But heed professional advice as well. These people may not always be right, but sometimes they are. Approach everything with an open-mind and your eyes open is my advice, take all the opinions and based on your own situation decide what is best for you.

My qualifications - been there, know what happened to my own body - studied volumes on pain to find a cure - tried most of what's available - studied counselling and psychology to understand the emotional/physical connection and then found something that worked like nothing else did and it worked so fast it was miraculous, so I tell everyone I can, and now offer pulsed energy sessions to others because I KNOW it works, and I know there is great need for something that does work with chronic pain. Chiropractors now support this view and you will find many testimonies on the P.E.R.2000 blog site.

No one can or does possibly understand a life of pain and depression on such as scale until it is experienced.

Good Luck to all of you, I hope you find your path to better health. You need to subconsciously and consciously want the cure first. That is key!


Steve Lockhart

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Re: So tired of this leg pain....
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2009, 05:57:13 AM »
Thanks for sharing all that Lyn, it is good advice for people to keep an open mind and investigate everything out there.

I will say that your case sounds more severe than most and probably falls into the group that represent about 3% of back pain cases. We have had a couple of other posts here from sufferers like yourself so hopefully they will get value and encouragement from what you say.

The thing about the muscles and if look at all I say in detail, regardless of the condition your structure is in (bones, discs, nerves etc) having a healthy balanced muscle system IS a critical part of finding a long lasting cure.

One thing you said I would clarify:
'Relaxed Muscles cannot put back a severe disc bulge or heal a disc tear.'
I advocate releasing muscles not relaxing them which is what massage does.

You might find it hard to believe but I took a 28year old with a badly ruptured disc completely out of pain with just my treatment when the top neurosurgeon and physiotherapist said it wouldn't be possible. He still had the picture of leaked fluid around his spine but no pain.

I understand what you are saying about deep tissue massage putting you in severe spasm but that would have been caused by an inexperienced therapist rather then just the deep tissue massage. There is so much more to bodywork than just massage, for example stimulating flaacid muscle through remote nerve points and lines. They don't teach this in massage courses.

As I said yours is a unique case as many pain sufferers are and what you said applies well for your case I am sure. After 20 years of doing this full time I have seen cases like yours as well as every other possibility out there and although I haven't fixed everyone by any means the people like you are the rare exception rather than the rule and the majority will recover with what I teach and do.

I haven't seen the machine you talk about but I certainly understand about the cases who are so inflamed and in pain they can't do ANY exercise. Treating them is difficult because they also have to make the journey to and from the clinic and unless they are close by that can be very taxing in itself. I do feel the water presents a fantastic place to do exercise without irritating the pain though if there is a heated pool close by. Not an option for everyone.

Obviously I have written a lot on the subject of back pain and much of it is more general than specific for individual cases. The majority of sufferers can make good progress with it but unique cases like your would need specialised care on the cause not just the symptoms.

Good luck and thanks again,


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