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Author Topic: *EMERGENCY RESPONSE REQUESTED PLEASE* SLM Yoga & Deep Tissue???  (Read 6459 times)


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I am working on your treatment.  Self diagnosing myself with more muscular issues than impinged nerve due to tight Glut Muscles on setting pain, pained legs foot colder than other, Ischemic / Pseudo Sciatica I think as my discomfort / pain comes when sitting, slow tingle to a very uncomfortable dull pain with occasional stabbing pain in 5-10 mins.

Anyway I digress.  I have stayed away from the erector contractors a little as the tighten up my neck and I have had a neck problem before and I don't want it back.  So I have decided to get a deep tissue massage on the back, focusing on the erectors, shoulders, gluts (mainly) and hamstrings (total body but want those areas to be priority) and some trigger point therapy to see if my diagnosis is right.  Do you believe these are good areas to focus on?  Also my main concern is, should I do the SLM yoga before or after? Or should I miss the Yoga until tomorrow?

Your response would be appreciated.



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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 05:22:42 AM »
Hi Ash, do the SLM Yoga before the massage for the best results. Do the double ball technique before as well as this will help the neck and the symptoms you decribe.



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