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Title: New to forum, my sciatica
Post by: denzil on September 09, 2010, 03:44:17 AM
HI, im new to this forum but need to talk and have advise from other sufferers. I have had lower back pain just to the right for 5-6 years in march this year started getting lower leg pains in the right calf muscle, with in about a week it spread to the hip, down the right buttock, so i went to my local gp who sent me to a physio, the physio taught me back stretching exercises and gave me acupuncture for about 2- 3 months  (only had about 9 sessions) i was discharged and told you would have any aches or pains you have for the rest of your life, now im only 34 so went back to my gp and i am now waiting for an mri scan, although i have got an appointment with the trauna & orthopaedics team presumably for an assessment first, now it's august the pain that was running threw my buttock has gone but the pain in my lower right leg is horrendous ive been proscribed morphine but that doesn't work & getting to sleep at night is a nightmare. I recently had a visit from my company doctor as i currently cant work  (i work in a stores department on my feet all day and the pain brings tears to my eyes) the doctor told me to do swimming, which i done this morning, the effect was so much pain in my leg i could barely stand, she also recommended pilates which i want to try. so i have some questions: does anyone know of a good pilates dvd for sciatica? (for beginners) and i have come to 1 conclusion when it comes to sciatica NO pain NO gain, do you as other sufferers agree???? any other tips for sciatica relief is very much appreciated. Thanks all in advance
Title: Re: New to forum, my sciatica
Post by: Steve Lockhart on September 09, 2010, 04:50:40 AM
Hi Denzil I hpe you have had a chance to look around my site and forum because most of your questions are answered there. Go to and start with the videos linked on the front page. They will give you a good overview of what is going on.

On the Pilates Q I always say that doing Pilates when your body is out of balance will only strengthen the imbalance and this shobe taken up after you have been fixed.

It sounds like you would do best with a hands on treatment so check out whther any SLM therapists are nearby and try and see one of them if there is.

If you do want a good exercise program for sciatica my SLM Yoga can work really well but I suggest you leave out the strengthening squats initially until your pain is gone.