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Title: How are you progressing
Post by: Phillip on January 04, 2010, 01:07:33 AM
Hi Steve,
             I am doing well so far. I have been playing golf " lots of walking and looking for balls", also working in the garden and did a bit of fishing. I can safely say there is progress. I try to do the full exercise program atleast three times a week. Sometimes my lowerback feels very sensitive after the session and it is a bit hard to get up after the hand and wrist loosening. But it settles down after a shower and I seem to have control of it for the rest of the day. Is it necessary that I endure longer time through the exercises or maybe at a later stage? I hope that I will not be forced to visit one of your clinics personally, eventhough I would love to. Thanks so far, I will stay in contact.
                                               Phillip Lewis.
Ps. Will you allow me to invite my Ex chiropractor, in South Africa, into your program so that may be more people that side can also benefit from it ?
Title: Re: How are you progressing
Post by: Steve Lockhart on January 04, 2010, 01:32:41 AM
Hi Phillip,
Thanks for the update. Whenever you become aware of an area in your body after the exercises it is a sign that is the next area to concentrate on. Check out the book and the charts and see the muscles that are involved with the pain you feel and then do the ball work to those muscles and try to improve their circulation and activity.

No problem with yor ex chiropractor send him to the web site and see if he is interested.

All the best