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Title: Help me please, I'm bed ridden
Post by: bossasoul on June 24, 2009, 03:01:35 AM
Dear Steve

I have been in alot of pain for the last 3 months with sciatica.  I have it starting in the bum on the right side stemming down the leg to the heel.  I cannot sit, standing is unbearable.  I can hobble a little but most of the time I find myself lying on the couch trying no to think about the pain.
I am 36 years old.  Average height and weight.
I am allergic to codiene and other pain killers so I live on panadol and nurofen although I think they only help my head.
I bought your book and DVD.  Love the logic and would like to be able to strengthen my muscles but I cannot do any of the programs without screaming.
I had a similar condition about 10 years back when living in Spain.  A "specialist" gave me a cortisone injection in the back and I left his practise without a worry in the world.  I would love a quick fix like this again but I am worried of the consequences.  I have a 3 month wait for a specialist here anyhow (got to love the medical system).
I got a CT scan done through the hospital and it shows a bulging disk between L4/L5 vertebrae 
I have been to a physio a few times which left me worse (he put me on a traction bed!).
A bowen therapist and a massage therapist.  They didn't help too much either.
I'm about 4 hours from Brisbane (north) in Bundaberg.  I can't handle 10 km in the car anyway.  I need some help. 
What do you recommend?  Do you know of anyone around this area who can relieve my pain?
Please help, I am losing a lot of weight and I am hardly sleeping.
Thank you in advance

Regards     Maelle
Title: Re: Help me please, I'm bed ridden
Post by: Steve Lockhart on June 24, 2009, 04:55:20 AM
Hi Maelle,
It is always difficult when the pain is so acute to start with. You need the respite to get working on yourself but never get a chance. I'd suggest trying to do the yoga but just the floor exercises and get the back and hip/ leg muscles to release whilst lying on your bed if you can't do anything else.

Think about the yoga concept while doing it and try and be very specific with the muscles you are switching on to find the really tight sore ones.

Good luck,