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Testimonials / Lower back pain I thought was Sciatica. oops!
« Last post by Shane Talbot on December 19, 2023, 06:51:23 PM »
 Hi Team.

Just thought I would pass on my experience with this program.  I went into this well researched and with an open mind.  I had this lingering lower back pain over my right hip.  It came and went, came and went. I put up with it to the point where enough was enough.   I did the Physio thing and the usual variety of exercises with stretch bands etc.   Some Massage, particularly after a long training session, as well as stretching.  At 69 and a lifetime of running, trail running and Hiking I knew I would work it out in the end, and I did.  However, it took SLM, the DVD and all the Videos online to get to the root cause then then the remedy.  Simples!!  All I can say is that which we all know.  Knowledge and Understanding is the key.  You can beat around the bush looking for the usual short cuts, but if you want long term recovery, you need knowledge to truly understand what you're dealing with.  In my case it was as simple as working out the defective/AWOL muscles, getting them back into the game and how to keep them there. The Twin Ball is my NBFF.  The exercise routine in the DVD is comprehensive, but it would be disingenuous of me to state I am religiously following it in full.  However, I pick and choose the ones that suit my condition, mood and time available and allow them to flow into each other.  The Twin ball up the back trick was every couple of days to begin with but given I now have my back pain under control, I refer to it as required or more as general maintenance.  Anyway, just letting you know what I have experienced and hope anyone in the same back pain boat gives it a try.
Hi Justine
Yes you will feel pain from working on the site because that area is inflamed and you are just further irritating it. As I say in my teaching your pain rarely comes from where you feel it and that is why you have the colour coding in the book to show you which muscles are involved in the pain you feel. Stick you working on those muscles for the best relief.

Regards Steve
Cries for Help / Progress on treatment of sciatica and shoulder blade pain
« Last post by Justine on September 03, 2023, 03:56:15 PM »
Hi Steve,

I am just giving you a brief update on my progress. I am finding that when I work with the ball on the areas of pain, it flares up (shoulder and glute). I am focussing on the arm/shoulder swinging and wall/ ballet squat, spine releasing. I am always short on time, which is not helpful. Sometimes I can do some of the yoga excercises too. I was wondering how helpful a tens machine would be and if it is a worthwhile investment. If so can you recommend a particular brand? I am going to try to stop the ball work around the sites and focus farther out from the pain. I am better on the whole, but still not back to where I was. Still getting a lot of pain, espeacially when doing anything strenuous. I really would have like to known about your methods a couple of years ago, well before my body got into this state. Thankyou for all your knowledge, I try to apply it daily. I have made changes to my diet, for which I am noticing a great difference also.

Thanks again,

from Justine
Hi Justine
It sounds like the sciatica is coming from locked up erector spinae muscles that run along your spine from neck to lumbar. the problem as you have found is with bending rather than when you are upright. My advice is use heat and roll your erector spinae muscles with the two balls and do that each day it is sore at the end of the day when you will be going to bed soon after.

The Bakers cyst shouldn't be too much of a problem without the sciatica but when you're down on your knees so much it may. Normally they don't bother removing the cysts but you can get it done if it's an issue. Thanks Steve
Hi there Steve.

I am a garderner at work and home. Just over a week ago I was in so much pain that I could barely walk, put on socks, sit or get in the car. I am thinking it is sciatica. I continued activity at home, but stopped work. The pain has persisted. I recently have your info and have been working through it and started with the tennis balls down the spine. I went back to work yesterday to see how I would go. Weedspraying with back pack was ok, then felt ok so I decided to do some weeding, pruning etc. The next day, today, very sore, and have decided if I am going to get better I must rest. I want to continue work in my own garden but not sure how long I should wait. I also developed a bakers cyst (behind left knee) over last couple of months, which is not going away on the same leg as sciatica, which I think is also my shorter leg. Gardening requires alot of squatting and I think I am irritating the cyst. I am wondering if there is another way to get rid of cyst without drainage? The pain in my leg gets bad every night after 2am, and no position alleviates the pain. So I am losing sleep. I am a side sleeper. The pain reduces when I am up and about and distracted. Can you tell me, if I am taking time off work, can I still do things in my own garden, or should I completley avoid it, and for how long. I have some planting and mulching to do, where I am squatting to lay newspaper first, then shovelling the mulch. Its much smaller than my work load when I am at work. I don't want to permanantley do any damage to the nerve, and am waiting for the disc to settle. I look forward to hearing from you soon. The pain seems to be sticking in the left buttock, and any stretch in the leg sends pain shooting down the leg as well. Kind regards from Justine
Testimonials / Re: 18th week update
« Last post by Steve Lockhart on July 25, 2019, 05:27:42 AM »
Hey Rod not sure if you will see this but if you do tell us how you have been going? It's been a few months.

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