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Author Topic: 4 Wasted Years Seeing a Chiropractor  (Read 8845 times)

Steve Lockhart

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4 Wasted Years Seeing a Chiropractor
« on: January 08, 2011, 09:18:43 PM »
Hi Steve,

I have been suffering with mid lower back pain since i was sixteen years old.

It persist as the years go by , in the past i saw a chiropractor for four years and when he was through with me i was normal so to say since then i fell on my bum and suffered a relaspe which i have been seeing a chiropractor now for the past three years a different one from the first since the first one relocated this new one helps at times but i am still in pain even after i see him the pain is constantly there now this should be my fourth year going to see him in what he call maintenance stage but i feel like i di dthe first year i went to see him .

I give up  what can i do on my own to help myself if any cause the pain is in my sacrum area right between my butt cheeks its difficult to bend at times stand or sit i am most comfortable when i walk but after that i have terrible muscle pain from my hips down to my toes thos is rediculously painful, what can i do? help me.

Capricious lady
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Steve Lockhart

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Re: 4 Wasted Years Seeing a Chiropractor
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2011, 09:19:58 PM »
Hi Capricious lady

If a chiropractor has been treating you for 3 or 4 years and you feel the same they are taking you for a big ride. Any treatment that will work will do so within the first couple of weeks or months. You must have already paid this guy a fortune and if you don't feel any better I wouldn't be going back.

It depends where you are but I would be confident an SLM therapist would give you results within the first few treatments so if you can see one them I would suggest you try it.

My self treatment program will explain everything you need to know to get this problem sorted whether it is treating yourself or combining that with visiting an SLM therapist or if no one is close enough, a deep tissue massage therapist, as well.

The self treatment program includes the option of you communicating with me in the private members area and asking specific Q's about your particular case. I think from the sounds of it your fall put your pelvis in the wrong position and the muscles would need to be rebalanced to fix that. A chiropractor who is adjusting your bones will do nothing to help that as you have found.

I am happy to sort it out for you if you are close enough to me, if that is the case let me know.


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