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Title: Sleepy after exercise
Post by: RodLaverWannabe on October 06, 2017, 03:57:10 AM

 Have seen you mention in your forums a few times about fatigue and sleepiness after exercise. My pattern is to do exercise, then after 30-60min when things wind down, would fall into a deep sleep for 30-60 min no matter what time of the day. Can you give me a little more clarity on what you think the problem is? Could it be poor circulation, muscle imbalance, overall stress? It is hard to feel if this is a negative indication of overloading my body.
Title: Re: Sleepy after exercise
Post by: Steve Lockhart on October 06, 2017, 07:03:32 PM
That is not a normal reaction, exercise normally energises you because it promotes circulation and stimulates your nervous system. If your body is tired all the time from a lack of sleep. then falling asleep for an hour is a recovery process required because of a lack of energy stores. Much like a baby who needs little sleeps during the day after a few hours exercise.

For me, if for example I need to stay awake all night and miss a nights sleep or can't sleep because I am on a plane overnight etc, I can manage it ok and although I am tired I am not exhausted. That is possible because my body can store energy and it is much easier if I have a few nights with lots of sleep (say 8 hrs) in the days prior. Your body is obviously not storing any energy and if you drain what you have you need some sleep to recover.

Title: Re: Sleepy after exercise
Post by: RodLaverWannabe on October 07, 2017, 10:12:44 AM
Thank you,

Ever since I didn't listen to my body 15yrs ago and jogged on a hard surface for 5-7 miles my immune system collapsed.
Since that moment I haven't had a continuous night sleep since. When it was at its worst I slept only 2 hours and would wake up exhausted with that constant "aggravation and tension" and couldn't go back to sleep. For many years the pain was in my feet but went away when I retired and didn't have to work so hard. Now I know the pain in my feet was caused by stress on the back and probably poor circulation. I now sleep 4-5 hours straight and get up for an hour or 2 and then get a couple more hours of sleep after but still needs a lot of improvement. But a big  improvement from where I was. You might find it interesting for about a decade 24/7 it felt like i was punched in the solar plexus and that went away when I retired.
    Since retirement the immune system has improved substantially but I feel the muscle imbalance slowly has kept getting worse. I feel like if I went back to my work routine right now all the same symptoms would comeback.  Your SLM yoga is great in that I feel many things realigning and I don't need to sleep after I finish!! Also when I do swimming and elliptical I feel real good while doing it and pain free!
    One symptom I have gotten for the last 6 months is some dizziness. From resting to standing it comes and goes from time to time. When I push too hard it seems to get worse so I have a gauge on when to rest more. It just seems that until i get this twisting stress off my back these symptoms are here to stay. But your program is changing that!!
    I feel like after swimming the muscle imbalance is still strong and creates a tension that makes me want to sleep when things calm down. After exercise I am too tired to do your SLM yoga to rid that  tension from the exercise.

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Title: Re: Sleepy after exercise
Post by: Steve Lockhart on October 07, 2017, 09:06:01 PM
I am sure progress will be slow but steady and it may take a year or more to get past the symptoms you describe. You are lucky to have retired and can dedicate your time to it.