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Author Topic: Chronic Back Pin  (Read 6111 times)


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Chronic Back Pin
« on: October 04, 2008, 04:00:08 PM »
Good morning,
I have been having chronic pain now since March and have been to physio (cost was just too much in the end) then acupuncture, three times a week which does give relief[after several minutes.  I have one hip that is about 20cms higher than the other.   :'(
Yesterday at the local shopping centre, I met one of those chiroprators who are trying to drum up business.  He said your book would just help me with pain relief and management and not actually fix the problem..  He wants me to be assessed and recons he can align my spine in 18 months?????? At what cost?????? ::)
I have both your Bad Back book (downloaded) and have now received your Do it yourself Guide and DVD.
I have been trying the exercises, wall sit and ballet squat, but only for a few minutes as my back spasms are so bad.  However, in the three days I have been doing it, I can actually manage to almost get through to about 11am with lessend pain.  At work I now have a stand up desk which has helped also and I try to do ballet squats every hour./i]I am about to take a three hour trip to Adelaide via Virgin and was wondering if you could give me any hints on some semblance of comfort for this trip. :)
Should I take the risk of the chiroprator or just continue with your instructions?  I am 61 years old and want to travel when I retire and am terrified that this will end all future plans....Please help. ;)

Steve Lockhart

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Re: Chronic Back Pin
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2008, 05:08:06 PM »
It is difficult when you have a short leg as the gravity factor when standing or sitting puts a lot of pressure on the sacrum and lower back. This is something you need to sort out for long term relief. The chiropractors comment is typical but I have met dozens of people who have paid the money for the long term adjustment program they offer with no relief. It often makes the problems worse as well and they won't give a refund when you pay in advance on a long term program and want to stop because it is making it worse. I would run a mile from a chiropractor offerring that.

The wall sit is a bit of a problem with a short leg as it causes the pelvis to tilt but you could try putting a shoe of one foot and a thong or something different on the other foot while you do it to get the pelvis to level out during. Similarly on a flight, take a folded up towel and place it under the buttock of the short leg only and that can often make sitting a lot more comfortable. You might need to experiment a little before you leave to find the best thing to balance you out.

There is an SLM therapist in Adelaide and even though he is a student he is doing well and you could try him to see if that helps get you balanced.

Good luck,



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