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« on: September 18, 2009, 04:42:18 AM »
I used ot be a plumber, and did myself some damage a few years ago.  i have been sufferig from back pain, Sleep apnea and breathing problems ever since. i recently fodn two things that have helped me trmendously - i was going ot get one of those space age memory foam matreses, but the prices are jsut waaaay to high. then i found another source - i think products are actually better and there affordable too - try    

    THe other thing is this stuff called Cordyceps - i treid it for a while and fond that my breating was better, my sleep is way better - i sleep for longer and go deeper - much less tired these days.  Apparently it helps with lots of things, including cancer, Kemo treatment etc.  This site is pretty good value for money and when i got my last order, the dropped me a note that they are negotiating with  new supplieer to cut prices quite a lot more.  the site has some very good articles i havent found anwhere else - wether you buy there or not, have  agood hunt thru their articels and read up on it.  the stuff helps.
personally i think its worth buyingform anyone ewho cares enough to produce that many informativ eand useful pieces of information on general health when the only sell the one product. they actually care abot peple's awareness.

sorry , i am just chuffe at the differnce its made, i  kep soap boxing about it now.  have  alook ad read up.  it just might help and you can never have too much information!

I hope you find this as usefull as i have.
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