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Author Topic: Girl Paralysed from Seated Massage  (Read 5305 times)

Sarah Li-Chiang

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Girl Paralysed from Seated Massage
« on: November 14, 2006, 05:33:48 AM »
Hi Steve
Re your article on the chair massage that supposedly paralysed the 21 year
old girl.  Firstly may I say that my heart bleeds for the beautiful  young
woman and her family, it is an awful tragedy.
However, I believe there had to be some sort of underlying pathology or
predisposition to cause the stroke.  I have performed hundreds of chair
massages in the workplace and have never seen this sort of effect.  Chair
massages by reputable, trained therapists are not meant to be a therapeutic
treatment but rather a relaxation treatment and a de-stress, time-out from a
busy day for people with hectic schedules.  They usually set us up in a
quiet boardroom, we provide relaxing music and a 15 minute massage.  It is
always performed without oil and through the clothes, hence the name
Corporate Massage.
I do a couple of days a month for a Corporate Massage company and really
enjoy it as it gives me the opportunity to network with other therapists and
to give out my cards and get clients for my remedial business.  Corporate
massage could never replace a table massage and is not meant to.  The areas
treated are mainly upper thoracic, shoulders and a gentle head massage,
waking the client up with a bit of tapotement.  Neck work is mainly gentle,
broad, wide, light frictions, no elbows to the neck like shown in the TV
story.  Clients love it and to many people it is a way of introducing them
to the wonderful world of massage.
In my opinion any therapist who attempts a full on treatment in a chair is
crazy, both from the clients point of view and the therapist.  However,
there is both a market for this type of work and if treated as a form of
light relaxation it performs a very pleasant function.
From the TV segment reinactment it looked like the therapist did not even
use the support of a chair.  I spent a lot of time and money on obtaining a
well built, comfortable chair that would safely support my clients.  Also,
don't you think it strange that the parents had not taken legal action
against the therapist?  If there was any real proof that he was negligent
don't you think they would have sued straight away.   I also feel for the
poor therapist, who I am sure had only good intent at all times.
Anyhow, my blessings to the girl and her family, this has frightened me and
a lot of my colleagues greatly and I am sure has put many people off not
only Corporate Massage but the wonderful, healing modality of massage in
general. Kind regards
Sarah Li-Chiang


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