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Author Topic: Please Demistify CT Scan Report  (Read 7505 times)


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Please Demistify CT Scan Report
« on: October 27, 2009, 03:20:11 AM »
Hi All,

I'm a newbie.
I guess this is a fairly typical scenario.......... I crouched down to pick up something off the floor and shazam! All the muscles in my lower back spasmed and down I went and I couldn't get off the floor as using my legs caused excruciating pain. I have had back issues for a few years and I do look after my back these days.......but apparentely not enough.

Anyway I saw my GP who dent me for a CT Scan, but to my dismay when I went back for the report I was asked if I wanted a referral to a surgeon. I responed that I didn't know and asked if the scan showed any necessity. I was amazed when I was told that she didn't know and that the scan wouldn't give her that information.

I am on valium to relax the lower back muscles and panadine forte for the pain. I need a support brace to keep me on my feet at the moment.

I'm wondering if anyone can "translate" the below excerpt from the CT Report for me so I can understand what it means. Any help with the explanation will be greatly appreciated:

" A moderate sizesd central L5-S1 disc protrusion  with midine thecal indentation and some loss of definition of the S1 nerve roots bilaterally. The remaining intervertebral discs have a normal appearance, dimensions of the bony spinal canal are preserved. Structurally the vertebral bodies and neural arches are intact, alignment is normal.
There are mild degenerative changes in the apophyseal joints bylaterally at the L4-L5 level. The remaining disc spaces have a normal appearance, there are no signs of thecal or neural compression elsewhere.
Structurally the vertebral bodies and neural arches are intact, no evidence of foraminal or lateral recess stenosis is seen."

Thanking you In Advance.


Steve Lockhart

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Re: Please Demistify CT Scan Report
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2009, 05:50:13 AM »
Hi John
All it is basically saying is you have a disc protrusion and this is caused by muscle weakness and probably imbalance in your upper body causing too much pressure to end up at the base of your spine. The rest of your back is good so you are probably under 40. There is certainly no need for surgery in my opinion but a situation exists that if you don't deal with the cause you could end up with a disc rupture down the track and then surgery would be more likely necessary.

There is a lot of info on my site including the free Bad Back Book and the self treatment program to help you understand your situation better and know what you can do about it.

All the best


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Re: Please Demistify CT Scan Report
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2009, 06:16:30 PM »
Hi Steve,

I can't thank you enough. This is exactly what I suspected. I am nearly 42, and about 15kg overweight. I will download your book now.

My current plan is to manage the pain so that I can get back to work, and get into come cardio (Bike to minimise impact on back) excercise and diet to drop the weight and also strengthen my core muscles to better support the area.

Thanks so much for your exceptionally quick response to me. This forum absolutely rocks!

Kind Regards,


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