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Author Topic: On Going Lower Back Pain  (Read 10103 times)


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On Going Lower Back Pain
« on: April 09, 2010, 04:53:00 AM »
I have posted before about my pain and really don't wait to type it all over again so here is the page below:

After a month I demanded to see MY doctor not the PA's and continued on with PT.  My doctor now thinks my pain is due to my sacroiliac joint, She told me its not a big deal to keep up with my PT (Who I have to admit has relieve a good chunk of my pain but only on PT days and maybe the day after) and she said I could "technically see a chiro" but she has mixed messages from different patients so she leaves it completely up to me.  What I do not get is I had to point blank ask for imaging she obliged but was not going to automatically request it.  My PT is in the same office as my doctor so she was going to collaborate with her about me on there lunch.  I personally just want to ease  my mind and make sure its not anything that in the end I am harming myself doing PT.  She prescribed me oxycodone 5mg for the bad pain and I do take them sparingly.  I just don't know about doctors anymore it seems they just want to get you in and out and that’s it don't get me wrong my doctor has a very nice demeanor to her but lately it seems she just doesn't have time.

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Re: On Going Lower Back Pain
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2010, 08:00:08 PM »
Hi, Look you need to get this fact straight, doctors and PTs don't treat the cause of pain, they just treat symptoms. They don't have much success because of that and I am sure you doctor gives you min time because she knows she can't fix you and doesn't want to depress you by saying so. She obviously cares because lots of doctors would have no problem saying it. Whether that is a good or bad thing is questionable.

From your description of the symptoms I know exactly what is causing your pain and my self treatment program will fix it but you will have to persevere with it for a while. The early stages will be a bit slow but I will work with you in the private members area and tell you exactly what to do.

If you haven't got it yet spend the money instead of one of your PT appointments and contact me using the email receipt and I will open the private members area for you. If you have already got it do the same and we can get started. There is no need to feel alone with this and even though I am across the globe I will do more than any Doctor or PT you visit even from here, count on it.

This is not as complicated as you have been led to believe and if I haven't turned it around for you in a month take advantage of my money back guarantee and return it for a refund.

All the best


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