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Author Topic: Lower Back - Bad Fall  (Read 6145 times)


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Lower Back - Bad Fall
« on: February 12, 2009, 04:28:51 AM »

I took a rather bad fall down a flight of steps (about 13 steps in all).  I just got laid-off from my job and don't have health insurance.  I had rather immediate bruising of the lower back and tail bone, accompanied by some bad pain - mostly an aching pain.  It is important to note that the bruised area was rather large, but there is one spot in the middle of the bruising that isn't bruised but appears to be bulging out from my back (you can both feel it and see it).  Most of the aching pain has gone away, but now, almost 10 days later, I've begun to have sporadic shooting pain (like knife twisting) in/around that area I mentioned.  I've also had two or three instances of pain shooting down my legs, but that hasn't happened very often.  Could I have injured a disc from falling?  Could that be whats bulging out of my back?  And if so, am I destined to make this problem worse by waiting for treatment until I get a new job and have some insurance coverage again?  Or is this something I need to have looked at immediately.  The pain is bearable, but it has changed form and I don't like whatever is protruding from my lower back.  Thanks so much!  Barry

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Re: Lower Back - Bad Fall
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2009, 02:01:18 AM »
Hi Barry, it is unlikely you have injured a disc if you don't have nerve pain all the time and the bulge from your back wouldn't be the disc so rest easy about that.

What you have done is damaged the muscle tissue and what I would do would be to get some deep tissue massage (probably 3 sessions would be sufficient) to my whole body over 3 weeks. It may well be a bit painful the first session but should get better each week. The bulge could be a torn muscle or more damaged one that I'd suggest you should get an ultrasound on first.

If you don't get this tissue trauma rubbed out your pain is likely to settle down ok soon but you will get a worse problem back again at some stage in the future and it will be really hard to find someone who can fix it.



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