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Author Topic: Don't fi into programmes from guide.  (Read 2851 times)


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Don't fi into programmes from guide.
« on: April 16, 2016, 01:11:59 AM »
Only some of my issues fit into the categories in the self guide.   So please advise on what to follow.   Through the SLM programme I have identified big problems with left shoulder and not being able to keep it stretched when dropping the right shoulder.   Also the left hip joint when soles of feet togther dropping the knees downwards to floor, problem in tightness to the left hip joint.  OK - I thought I could follow the programme "pain on one side" (and thought I could work on these areas separately?) - but the added diffcicculty is rotated right hip, giving pain upper right buttock and since SLM going into right guadricep - I am told by NHS that my hips are level but asymmetrical.   It's possible that the left femur is out of alignment with the hip as there is weakness there and can experience pain over the hip joint where the bones meet, strain in the quadricep when going up stairs and general weakness, also some pain from behind in the glut area at the back of hip joint.  So can't work out how to approach exercise programme.   You said to work on the legs - what does this mean?    Does it mean do extra wall sits and ballet squats as well as SLM Yoga - time apart, think muscles not strong enough to stand that AND SLM yoga.   How does one slow the programme down anyway? e.g. could I do arm swings every day, but SLM yoga every 2nd or 3rd day and not lose gains.  Certainly compression along erectae muscles is helping.   I almost feel I need a physcial training course before starting SLM in order to get into better shape.   Should I work separately on  exercies extending left arm (as in the video) and also the drop down either side,knees until the stretch feeling is evened out.     What's going to help rotational right hip, short of getting on a plane to Australia?    There have been benefits, shoulders defintely improved, less lower back pain.  Thank you, Ann

Steve Lockhart

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Re: Don't fi into programmes from guide.
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2016, 07:29:49 AM »
H Ann, do the more general exercises initially. The SLM Yoga, the arm swinging, the contract your shoulder blades and the balls along the erector spinae muscles and pressure points in the hips/ glutes when laying on your back on the floor..
Try them all and stick with the ones you feel help.
You don't have to do everything every day just spread them out to a manageable level.
Get massage on the legs and do kicking in the water even if it is sitting on the side of the pool with flippers on and not actually submersing yourself.
For the splayed legs do one leg at a time if it is too hard to do both together. Have one leg bent with the foot under the knee of the other leg which is straight. Then switch.

Basically just work through some of them each day, slowly, and you should see small ongoing gains. Not following a specific program because you have so many pains going on is ok.

Good luck,


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