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Author Topic: chronic low back pain through injury  (Read 6633 times)


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chronic low back pain through injury
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:12:52 PM »
hi steve, i underwent an operation in 2005 for radicular canal stenosis, resulting in 3 vertibrae being removed (c1,c2,c3) and a "brantigan" cage fitted. The op. was high spec.entry via the throat, and i was under the knife for 11 hours, my nerves were "pinched" during fitting of " b" cage and it is only recently that i have been able to gain adequate use of limbs 'mainly arms and shoulder area. This is just to aid you in my condition criteria.
NOW!...To date... I recently 'pulled' a muscle in my lower back whilst opening a garage door (7 weeks ago). I had a little discomfort for about a week, when one morning i was literally brought to my knees by a searing, burning almost in-describeable pain in my left buttock, this lasted for about 45mins, and i took painkillers to help relieve the pain. Just recently (last 2 weeks) the pain has shifted to my right side and is the worst agonising pain to date. I will be having an MRI on 18/3/2011 and hopefully have an idea as to what is actually causing my problem, in the meantime do you believe your program could help me in any way. Awaiting reply in ernest. Boots..

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Re: chronic low back pain through injury
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2011, 05:00:50 AM »
Hi Boots,

I am wondering what imbalances if any set up the original neck problem or were caused by the accident that injurhe neck because they would not have been removed with the surgery you received. These could be also tied into the back problem or it could be an isolated thing. (but I doubt there isn't a connection)

My program deals with imbalances in the body like no other treatment does and it also deals with bulging discs which it sounds like this lower back episode is coming from.

I will never promise anyone it WILL fix them but I'm confident it will always make very positive changes to a persons body, that could take away your pain just as it has done for thousands of other people who have purchased it.

Good luck,


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