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Author Topic: Causes of Back Pain  (Read 5215 times)


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Causes of Back Pain
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:47:27 PM »
Another reason for back pain, particularly lower back pain, could be a different in leg length. if you walk on different long legs, your structure in your lower back changes, the longer leg constantly pushes against the hip joint which ultimately gives in and starts moving. That movement can impact on your sacrum and ileum as well as your spine and create a range of different problems - as far up as in the neck. So it really is important to have your legs balanced on a regular basis.

And guess what else can contribute to your lower back pain: Not enough fluid intake. Yes you have heard it again and again. ďMake sure you have enough waterĒ. Water, not coffee, tea, beer or wine. they might be liquid as well but unfortunately they donít count as fluid intake for your body. Coffee and tea even inhibit the fluid intake and dehydrate you. That by the way is the reason why in mediterranean countries you tend to get a glass of water with your coffee. To stabilise the fluids. Now the problem is that if we donít take in enough fluids our body extracts fluids out of our tissues, muscles and even out of the brain, and that lack of fluid in our body can have a lot of different consequences, one being back pain and headaches. So when you experience these pains and others try to increase your water intake and see if your condition changes. But make sure you give it at least a week before you can notice any changes and donít expect miracles over night.
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