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Author Topic: Cancer Pain  (Read 6541 times)


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Cancer Pain
« on: May 19, 2007, 05:55:37 PM »
I have had a lymphoma removed from the back of my neck and had to have radiation treatment to the lumber region to remove the traces of the cancer as well,this was five yeasr ago.
I have been in and out of remission twice in that time the last time has been 18 months so I hope they have got it this time. I am taking 30mg of oxynorm capsules morning and night with anything beetween 10 and 20mgs during the day, 2 x 100 micrograms durgesic patches as well as other milder pain killers.
My pain Dr has tried using the local anasethetic blocks and his next step he said is to try fusing the nerve ends which he says may give me between 6 months to 12 months relief.
Then it is done all over again. I want to find out a bit more about this operation before I commit myself to it as another person has told me that their mother had it done and it only lasted for 4  months,after that she could not get some back operations done. Have you heard of this?

Steve Lockhart

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Re: Cancer Pain
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2007, 10:24:08 PM »
I haven't araman but quite frankly I wouldn't have that done anyway. I have seen too many people with a body that is untreatable now because of what they let some well meaning doctor do. If you end up worse or they don't help after all the expense and rehab they are likely to just shrug their shoulders and give up on you.

My whole philosophy about back pain is to return your physical body to its original strong healthy state and then you will respond well to the natural and non invasive treatments that are available. When your body doesn't respond to these it indicates you need a dramatic lifestyle change not drugs and surgery.

Good luck if you want to go that way but it is a gamble whichever way you look at it.



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