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Title: back pain L5 and sacoilliac joints
Post by: toad955 on December 13, 2007, 04:49:19 PM
Hi Steve and all
   I would like to share my story with you .I am 43 yrs of age and was in an accident at work that left me with chronic lower back pain.I was told that i had L5 bulge and worn sacroilliac joints.I also have herniated discs in my neck and after i had a discectomy on the L6 that has settled.The problem being was i became more focussed on my neck injury and and became dependant on painkillers oxycontin to provide pain relief.I was like this for 2years believing i would never live with out them.I made a concious decision to get of the medication and find the sollution.I had a specialist talking operations and new mri scans,i knew that was not for me.Steve i went on your site read your book ,gave the medication away and in 2 weeks i feel so much better .I am going to a great physio and walking ,doing hydro and tai chi. :)I am not pain free yet ,but able to cope easy with the pain i have.
Many thanks.
Title: Re: back pain L5 and sacoilliac joints
Post by: Steve Lockhart on December 13, 2007, 08:41:01 PM
That is a good story Toad, it is always nice to hear that in some small way I have helped someone. Thanks for the feedback.

Title: back pain L4/L5; L5-S1
Post by: on September 05, 2008, 06:42:36 PM
Dear Steve and All,
I am 45 yrs of age and was in an accient at work that left me with chronic lower back pain. I was told that I had L4, L5, and L5-S1 bulge. I have been on medication for almost 15 months plus I am wearing norspan 15mg patches plus I am having panadiene tablets every 6 hours, and I must admit that is not enough. My two neuro surgeons told me if I had to have fushion operation does not going to help in a matter of fact I could end up in a wheel chair. At times I wander my local GP and other doctors beleive the pain I go through, finally, I am attending Dorest Rehablilitaion, I have been attended by Psycologist for my stress and depression, Occupational Therapist to try and be independant, Pysiotherapist helping me in movement and also doing Hyro that once I am off the pool I feel like sacks of bricks lying on my back with weight and it takes more then five hours before I go back to the same gauge pain. It seems no one beleive the pain I go through. Infact I got this site through my Psycologist at the Rehab, the only relief I found is that last year I went to Colombia and I had Stem Biotherm Celcular Regeneration, 20 injections in my back plus 6 drips for a period of three months and that helped me alot, however here in Australia we do not yet have this type of medicine due to red tape of medical system, this medicine is from Europe Germany. Although, the doctor there advised me that although you feel good and better than before that does not mean you can do whatever you use to do before you must be very careful, no bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, sitting for a long period, gardening or changing tyres but atleast it will relieve you from pain but once you do anything from above the pain comes back and you will be in pain for aprox of two - three days, so you have to be very careful of what you do, he assured me that atleast I can have a better lifesytle. I had to stay in Colombia for atleast a period of two years there to receive a total benefit of the first three months you will receive an aprox of 20 injections to your back, plus the drips; then every month you will receive on monthly basis the same and every year you have to attend for a once treatment until you will be fully completed with the treatment. I want to if some one else had this type of treatment or any other type of treatment that helped in a similar situation-
Title: Re: back pain L5 and sacoilliac joints
Post by: Steve Lockhart on September 06, 2008, 07:44:29 AM
What was the accident at work Paul?
What is the pain you feel and where?
Where do you live?
The injections are not going to change the muscles and any trauma or imbalance that they contain so I think even if they did help your pain they would leave you very fragile.

I would like to make some suggestions but would like to get an idea of what you are feeling.

Title: Re: back pain L5 and sacoilliac joints
Post by: on September 22, 2008, 04:57:18 PM
Dear Stevie,
Many thanks for your reply, I live in Australia Melbourne, and I use to work as a cabin attendant for Catering company, The accident happened back in January 2007, while I was pulling food carts out of the fridge, a person offloading from a Truck two pallets on each other with supplies while he was pushing operating pallet jack,he did not see me so I got squashed between the food carts I was pulling out and the pallets with supplies he was pushing in. So I got in between, he hit me right to my lower back and my body went forward and hit my left knee. At that time I was not suffering from my back pain until two days latter while I was working on light duties I could not even stand up nor walk.
Then my GP ordered Cat scans and MRI were it showed bulge discsL4-L5, L5-S1 pressing onto my nervs. I have been to Neuro Surgeons and they too hesitate to conduct any operations as at this stage I am still a bit mobile and it can go either ways and that is: either I suffer the same pain or I might end up in a wheelchair and they told me unless they are 80% sure that the operation is going to be successful they have no intention of doing it.
My pain is as follows: I have permantly pain every day to my lower back, and runs to my left leg, to my calf and heel then my toes are nam especially from the second toe right to the little toe. Most of the time I have pain in my groin/pelvis, the pain sometimes is sharp and burning sensation, even most of the time it responds to my right side lower back and hip. At times when I try to do a movement then my pain increases, that at times I could not even make a step, and my breathing hurts me too. This process takes atleast 3 to 4 hours until I lay down on my bed. Then I get back to my normal pain. Also I want to draw your attention that since Novemeber 2007 I have started to use a walking stick to balance my body as I was putting too much pressure on my right foot and that was causing pain and swell in my right hip. I want to add too, I have been on many medication such as Oxynorm/Oxycontin and the rest.. I was suffering from depression and taking other tablets. These tablets caused me pain around my right hand side of my stomach and since I am putting Norspan patches 15mg, I do not suffer anymore pain around my stomach. However I still at times use panadeine/forte when the pain is severe.
I have never suffered any back pain before in my life and I am at the age of 45years old.
I wish to take the opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to express my self - Rgds Paul
Title: Re: back pain L5 and sacoilliac joints
Post by: Steve Lockhart on September 24, 2008, 05:12:17 PM
Hi Paul, there are some SLM therapists in melbourne. Mick Jordan is also a naturopath so perhaps he would be a good choice. You would certainly be a challenge but not beyond help I am sure and if the surgeons don't want to risk it , it might be the best way for you to find some relief. He can be found on my directory at

Good luck.