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Author Topic: another msg for steve  (Read 5196 times)

trent w.

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another msg for steve
« on: May 09, 2008, 01:02:31 AM »
Hey Steve,

i sent you my diagnosis of the ct scan and you gave me a run down and some information, well since then, i have had more troubles with my back so i opted for another scan, im going to attach me first scan results and the recent results, any info you can give me would be of great help

the first ct scan
 showed this:

posterior osteophyte formation inpinging on the cal sac at l5-s1. there is degenerative posterior bulging  of the l3-4 disc.

the recent ct scan:

in the lower thoracic spine, there are schmorl's nodes and small anterior osteophytes at several levels,but there is no disc protrusion and there is no evidence of spinal canal or neural exit foramen encroachment

at the l3-l4 level of the lumbar spine, there is moderate sized ane diffuse posterior disc bulge with ligamentum flavum thickening and this is causing moderately severe central spinal canal stenosis at this level. Facet joint degenerative change is also noted at this level on the left side

at the l4-l5, there is mild annular disc bulge causing relatively mild thecal impression.

at l5-s1, the disc space is narrowed. There is a central and left paracentral osteophyte, but this is only causing slight thecal indentation. It is also noted at this level on the left s1 nerve root at this level

further incidental note is made of a well-defined lucency in the right side of the L1 vertebral body, probably representing a small incidental haemanigioma

Conclusion: The most significant finding is the moderate central spinecanal stenosis at L-3 -L4 relating to disc bulging ligamentum flavum thickening and facet joint degenerative change

Steve Lockhart

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Re: another msg for steve
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2008, 06:36:10 AM »
In laymans terms Trent, your lower back is carrying the whole weight of your upper body, no doubt because of the dysfunction of some important muscles that are suppose to be providing support but aren't. You can't do anything about the damage that exists already but you can take steps to relieve the pressure currently being applied to your lower vertebrae by getting the problem muscles working again. Once that is happening the upper body will get good support from the right muscles and the lower back can recover to the point where the pain should go. That's it in a nutshell but there are many other things to consider, because I am proposing a holistic approach to getting rid of the pain.Obviously there is too much to cover here and that is why I wrote the book for my self treatment program.



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