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Author Topic: Pain over scar tissue in lower back  (Read 7627 times)


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Pain over scar tissue in lower back
« on: July 04, 2009, 08:28:45 AM »
I wrote here roughly a year ago about my back. Brief history, got a disc (L4-L5) hernation 99 and operated it 2000. Didnt have pain during the years - if I hadnt done something stupid. But last year i started to play little in a sport that I stopped with back in 99 and problem started again, sciatica on the right side. Bought the book from this site and the SLM Yoga and used that and got better. Not pain free but i didnt need to take any pain killers.

Anyway, I have played this sports a few mounths this winter and spring and pain have gotten worse again (I know its stupid so dont comment that please). Starting serious rehab again now.

I dont have that much problems lower then lower buttocks, even though I feel something lower then the knee (not pain) at times. I have real trouble lying on my stomach and relax due to pain.

The reason I write now is something that i wonder about the whole thing. If I push on my lower back, right side - over the scar tissue I get an intense pain that radiates down the buttock. I mean, how can this give me that much pain just by pushing over the old scar? I must have gotten a new herniation on the same disc last year that im still suffering from. But this with just pushing over the scar dont make real sense to me, I mean there is much structures that covering the disc and nerves from a dorsal point of view, and I dont need to push so hard that spine curvature is affected. I started to wonder if its the erectors or some other deep muscles that cramping and get so extremely sensitive. They can get more sensitive depending on what I have done during the day.

What is the best way of dealing with this? Anyone else know what im talking about?
If its trigger points, you need pressure, but Steve says in the book that you shouldnt use the balls over a broken disc. 

Hope someone can help.

Steve Lockhart

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Re: Pain over scar tissue in lower back
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2009, 08:54:00 PM »
I must have missed this post Nutte and I notice it is getting old now sorry. My initial though was you are moving the joint slightly when you push but if you are not applying much pressure it sounds a bit odd. Sometimes surgery causes these odd things and who know why. I think you should hang up the boots as far as the sports go, at least until you have been some months pain free. Get some deep tissue massage as well as doing the program techniques and do plenty of the ball work on the hips/ glutes as it is described.

i won't say much more now because you may have solved the problem after this long but let me know if you need more advice.

All the best


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