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Author Topic: pain after sugery  (Read 6223 times)


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pain after sugery
« on: March 05, 2010, 06:01:00 PM »
After a long time with neck pain it got really bad same time last year, the neurosurgeon said c6/c7 disc buldge, spinal cord pressure, degenerative issues, bone spurs etc etc. Long story short have had an artificial cervical disc replacement, all went well - according to them, and yes its in place but I am left with after 6 months post surgery same neck pain, arm pain, severe pain in R shoulder front and back, weakness in arm, hand, cold feelining rushing through arm, tingling from shoulder to fingers, pain in neck behind ear and very miserable in constant pain. Surgeons are happy because its in place and they did their job but cant explain why it still hurts and Im not functional, the answer heavy dose pain killers for life. There must be something else. No one has explained if its due to nerve regeneration or the nerves although not severed were very inflammed for over 6 mths pre surgery and this may have caused crush damage inside the sheaths.
How do you cope and live with chronic pain that regularly turns into acute pain when you make the wrong move. My neck clunks on certain movements - its not the device so is it just ligaments. Not to mention the swallowing and occasional choking from damage to the throat during the procedure - normal says the DR - how comforting - he doesnt have to live with it. Any help or guidance would be great.

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Re: pain after sugery
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 06:56:42 PM »
Sorry to hear that story but that is what happens when the doctors stuff it up.

My guess is the disc was not the problem in the first place and the surgery was the wrong treatment. In saying that I don't know many therapists who could have confidently fixed it with their hands anyway but they probably would have done a better job that the surgery did.

If you are near me on the Gold Coast in Queensland I am happy to work on it and I would be confident of fixing it. If you are near Sydney or Melbourne in Australia I'd be confident in a few of my trained therapists there or if you are in another place try to come to our conference in Thailand in June 26th to July 10th and I'd be very confident we would send you home in a much better place if not pain free.

I have treated this sort of problem before over the 22 years I have done this and had great success even with people who didn't want to have thwe surgery but were told there was no other way.

Thats the best I can suggest as self treating the neck is very difficult and not something I would be advising you to try and do.

All the best


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