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Author Topic: New Lower Back Pain in its 3rd month, PLEASE Help me!!  (Read 9695 times)


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New Lower Back Pain in its 3rd month, PLEASE Help me!!
« on: January 16, 2011, 05:53:35 PM »
Hi There Steve,
Hoping you are well and thanking you in advance for being so helpful!
Heres my little ditty. (i'll TRY to keep it short!)
Im 34,I have had muscle knots in my buttocks for over 2 years now, not severe pain by all means but I definately know they are there! I just had my 4th bub(last 2 were c-sections)the baby has been SUPER demanding with colic till 6 months and really bad teeth till now(9months) basically I dont put him down much, he has been breastfeed almost hourly all this time and has fully screwed my back. Out of the blue, I woke up one morning about 3 1/2 months ago went to get up and could not straighten! The pain increased, to the point where I had pain in my back to the right side at lumbar level, buzzing down the top of my thigh, to the side of my calf then down the top of my foot. Its bad pain. It affects my mobility in looking after babe. I went to accupuncture he said it was the lumbar spring, i was being treated for 4 weeks with no improvement if anything it was getting worse, I went to the G.P, they so dont care! Anyway he sent me for an xray, it showed nothing he said and sent me on my way he did suggest a physiotherapist. So I went and got assesed,I have not been back for treatment due to chrissy and a lack of funds due to chrissy, am sweet to start back but unsure if its the right way to go. So the assesment was quite involved, they listened, which was refreshing, and he expalined to me that my pelvis was way out and the right side was forward and upward, hence the pain and when I lay down you can very visibly see what he means!!. I asked what would cause this and he was a bit flippant then and said well you have had 4 children! Not really an explaination when the pain came on suddenly like it did. Please help me work out what to do, I am at a loss and in pain! Thank you!!

Steve Lockhart

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Re: New Lower Back Pain in its 3rd month, PLEASE Help me!!
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 03:31:12 AM »
Hi ktmama

It sounds you have muscle imbalances and the four kids reference probably meant carrying them on your hips, lots of bending picking up after them etc etc. Problems like this come from poor posture and lifting habits and can start with an injury or accident in the past.

The main pain you describe is pretty much caused by overtight erector spinae muscles and if you do the technique I demonstrate on the free video, combined with heat, you should get some good results. If the legs are involved and that is possible, the SLM Yoga  help deal with that.

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Good luck,

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