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Author Topic: L5/S1  (Read 11305 times)


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« on: January 30, 2011, 06:33:16 PM »
Hi Steve
3years ago had a compression in the L5/S1 area which affected the sciatic nerve. had 3 months off work and hasnt been too bad till 2 weeks ago. Have been seeing a chiro but yesterday after a session I had something go wrong which left me screaming in pain, unable to move off the bed.Ambulance was called and had to have morphine to ease pain. Doctor at hospital gave more painreleif and sent me home. Pain went from left hip to left ankle and today I have cramp like pain in the leg and a sore butt. I am 55yo, 6ft skinny male and am worried that the pain will return as nothing was changed in my structure(?) Is this in your area of expertise and what should I do next?

Steve Lockhart

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Re: L5/S1
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Hi machanic

If you have read my information and watched my free videos ( you will hear me say many times these problems needs to be fixed at a muscular level and adjusting joints will do very little towards long term relief. L5/ S1 problems come from a rotated pelvis normally so adjusting the spine is not recommended.

You need to look at this problem by having your muscle system rebalanced (especially the legs to release the rotated pelvis) which is what SLM trained therapists do. My self treatment program also shows you safe techniques you can use to work on yourself either between your therapy sessions or without them.

The link to read about the program is

I hope this helps,


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