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Author Topic: Continuous lower back pain - today I reached 28 days that's ittttt!!!  (Read 5767 times)


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Good day everyone, hope you are well. Since the 1st of March, when I did a sudden movement early in the morning which was the original cause, I've been experiencing this very limiting pain in my lower back. The particular thing about it is that it's more excruciating when I'm sitting, and it hurts especially on the sides of my lower back, approximately where the kidneys are, which scares me like mad as these organs are so important and I don't want to damage them. I have to stand up *all the time* to get relieve, otherwise it's unbearable. I already went to the physiotherapist but didn't help much. If someone knows a good physiotherapist here in Sydney (around Strathfield-Burwood ideally), please let me know.

Very thankful in advance

Steve Lockhart

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Re: Continuous lower back pain - today I reached 28 days that's ittttt!!!
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2010, 04:06:26 AM »
Hi Andrew,

if you contact my brother Jeremy at he or Penny who works with him will fix that for you. You will have locked up your erector spinae muscle but don't count on the average physio being able to fix it.

don't be concerned as it has nothing to do with your kidneys either, it is just the area where the pain is felt.



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