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Unaligned Spine
« on: April 26, 2011, 03:37:28 PM »
Consequences Of An Unaligned Spine

Even the smallest slipping or tilting of a disc in the spine can cause damage of the nerve, best known for example with sciatic pain, due to the nerves originating in the spine. For sciatica it is normally the nerves between the 4th and 5th lumbar spine or from the different vertebral foramen of the sacrum.  

In the upper back you can experience pain similar to “lumbago“ if a vertebra becomes tilted and squeezes the nerve due to an unfortunate movement. The immediate pain is the consequence of a so-called myogelosis, hardened muscles that hold the slipped vertebrae in the required position to avoid worse things happening.

Whilst the vertebra remains uncorrected, the pain will stay and cause more muscles to harden. So the best advice in this case is to see a therapist as soon as possible and use a heat pack or hot water bottle to reduce the stiffening of the muscles.

The majority of spinal problems though may not be as immediately noticeable. They can remain unnoticed for a long time. Therefore people often don’t understand why they suffer from back pain all of a sudden without having done anything  “wrong“ or having had any kind of accident.

In other cases they might suffer from organ problems and the doctor treats those, without real success, whereas the real cause is in the spine: the nerve that has been trapped went numb and stopped the support of the related organ.

Whenever you experience organ problems, like recurring bladder infections, kidney stones, digestive problems, headaches, asthma, even allergies and you can’t find any relief it is definitely worthwhile having treatment done to make sure the spine is straight and not the cause of the problems.

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