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Author Topic: General information on Back Pain  (Read 6352 times)

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General information on Back Pain
« on: October 01, 2006, 04:35:22 AM »
Everyone can recall some experience with Back Pain during their lives, either as a sufferer themselves or through knowing someone who was. Statistics say 80 percent of us will have a personal experience with it some day. A severe case can turn the world's strongest man into a 300lb weakling in the split second it takes for a muscle to go into spasm.

The back is where everything we do pivots from, it supports our every movement. When our skeletal structure gets out of balance our movements can cause pressure to build up on disks and nerves which at any time can cause what is known as an acute pain episode.

It is not that the particular movement just before the pain hit was the cause, more it was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. The problem would have started and been building up from something done days or weeks earlier.

Back pain seems to baffle the medical profession and subsequently they often offer drugs and surgery or the suggestion that, in time, rest will make it magically disappear. In reality the only way you are really going to get fast, effective, long term relief from back pain is through having a treatment that focuses on rebalancing the mechanics of the body through working on the muscles.

The bones don't move or twist on their own, the muscles make them do it. The bones don't atrophy and stop working properly, the muscles do. The bones are not where a person feels their pain, that occurs at the point where the muscles, ligaments and tendons attach to the bone.

Therefore it's only logical to assume that if you are going to make a significant change to the pain a person is in, you are going to need to work on their muscles, ligaments and tendons in a way that allows the vertebrae, disks and nerves to be aligned and under no particular pressure.

If you exercise a body that is in pain because it is out of balance, you will only make the imbalance more pronounced and the problems with the muscles causing it more difficult to reverse. Initially you will feel better because of the extra strength the exercise gives you but long term you will have a worse problem that is irritated by exercise.

If you stretch a painful area you will more than likely irritate it because stretching won?t put length and function back into muscles that have been in a poor condition for any length of time and ultimately that is what you need to do.

If you focus on a specific area of pain when treating the problem you may achieve a temporary improvement, or you may irritate and inflame the area, but either way you will do nothing to deal with the cause of why the area is being irritated in the first place or achieve any progress toward providing a long term solution.

Very few treatments focus on doing the deep, full body, muscle balancing treatment a back pain sufferer needs to get the fast and effective, long term solution they are looking for. You may need to look at combining a few different therapies to achieve the result for your problem. To find out more about what you need to look for and how you can work out the real cause of your back pain you can get a free e copy of The Bad Back Book from the order page on this web site.


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