Easy Ways to do Back Pain Exercises.

As a back pain sufferer, you undoubtedly already know that exercise is an important part of your day but often, the time it takes to do it discourages you from even starting, or giving up before you have really got going.

There is another, far more efficient and effective way for you to exercise without having to go to the gym or take long arduous walks. That’s right, you can do your exercise as you go about your normal day to day routine just by concentrating on what you are doing and using your muscles and body in the right way.

I have put together a free video which demonstrates lots of insightful tips on how to do this my daily exercise workout done standing still.

With exercises like walking for example, you are using momentum to stroll without much thought being given to how your muscles are working while you are doing this activity. If you knew how to concentrate on switching your various leg muscles on and pushing off with them to go forward you would spend less time walking with a bigger benefit to all your muscles, yet you would get more benefit out of it.

Next time you walk, purposefully use the heel toe action and different muscles in your legs to switch on and push off with. When you push off with your leg/ foot as you move forward, squeeze the muscles in your lower leg the moment before you push to activate them before you put them under load.. Then purposely release them as that foot lifts off the ground.

You work your way around the body feeling which muscles you use throughout your various movements, and then when performing that action/ movement, concentrate on switching the right muscles on just as you put them under load, and release when you finish.

Just this simple concentrated action will ensure that you can get more benefit out of a 20 minute walk than you would out of an hour long one. You can even do this when you are walking from one area to another at work or walking around home. Eventually you use this control all through everyday and your need to do external exercise to keep your body healthy and supple will disappear. .

If you suffer from back pain, this technique will help re-train your weak or dysfunctional muscles which are an important part of your rehabilitation from this condition. If you need more clarification on this and many other exercises and self treatment tip to help you recover from or prevent back pain or sciatica I wholeheartedly recommend my self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers.

Many people spend most of their day sitting at a desk. They will invariably experience chronic back pain or sciatica at some point in their lives and at the very least, will feel like their body is frustratingly stiff from the lack of movement.

When you sit for prolonged periods, there is a simple exercise you can do which will ‘switch on’ the muscles around your hips and pelvis. Put your feet on the floor in front of you and push your buttocks down into the seat whilst holding a slight arch in your lower back. Now drop all the tension from your shoulders and sit with an straight, upright back.

You will be surprised by how quickly your muscles tire and how difficult it will be to hold that position strongly for any length of time. This will show you just how weak those muscles have become. However, if you do this regularly (for a few minutes every hour) you will soon loosen and strengthen these muscles at the same time.

Your stiffness will disappear and you will begin to notice that you can hold the pressure a lot longer than you could when you first started. This will not only help you strengthen your muscles but it will also help to alleviate your back pain or sciatica. By holding this position and concentrating on keeping the pressure evenly distributed on both sides of your pelvis you will also become aware of, and be able to correct, any imbalances that you carry in your pelvis.

There is so much to learn when it comes to exercising in a way that corrects imbalances in your body. I recommend that you watch the SLM Yoga DVD – part of my online self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers. Get more information HERE

If your job allows you to move around for a large part of your day doing a variety of tasks, I would consider that you are one of the ‘lucky’ people, even if it is just getting in and out of a car and walking short distances, perhaps up and down stairs, the odd bending movement and lifting or carrying things. You are lucky because you have a fantastic opportunity to give your body a great workout while you work

With this in mind, I would recommend that for just a week, you take the time to think about what you are doing as you go about your day. Consider ways that you can still do exactly the same things while focusing some pressure on your muscles so that you give them a good strengthening workout as you go about your day.

Then you can sit down and relax when you get home without feeling like you have to scurry off to the gym or go for a long walk, often the last thing we feel like doing after a long hard day at work.

If you already suffer from back pain or sciatica, this little change in your routine will make a very big difference.

If you like the way I think and my approach to fixing your back pain, why not do what thousands of other back pain or sciatica sufferers have done and use my Self Treatment Program for Back Pain and Sciatica sufferers, to get pain free again. This program will give you all the information you could need to rebuild your body so that your back problem doesn’t exist. Tons of advice, exercises, self treatment tips, diet and lifestyle help. Covering posture, exercise, bodywork and anything else that is relevant on you fully understanding and being able to control your back condition

When you walk up stairs, try doing it more slowly and deliberately and let your leg muscles do all the work. Intermittently switch from walking to running up the stairs as you push off with your legs so you get some cardio vascular fitness at the same time. If your job involves bending and lifting (a sure fire irritation for a chronic back pain or sciatica condition) be sure to use your legs to squat down and keep a straight back so as to strengthen your leg muscles and lower back rather than putting strain on it. If you can’t yet squat down, sit down on the floor to do what you need to then get yourself back up on your feet again. There’s a good little workout in that process alone.

Treat the object you are lifting as a weight by sharing the weight evenly between both arms and hold it close to your body. It might not feel like a lot of effort each time you do it, but the accumulation of lots of little efforts makes a big difference and you will be surprised by how much strength and fitness you gain.

There are many simple ways you can turn your day to day activities into a good all over workout. It just takes a little imagination, thought and practice until it becomes a habit. There are many other ways and little tips you can learn to help you better look after your body yourself and if you are trying to rehabilitate from back pain or sciatica my Self Treatment Program will be your perfect guide.


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7 thoughts on “Easy Ways to do Back Pain Exercises.
  1. Frank says:

    A great article thanks. For years I have been walking like a stroll as you mentioned
    I never felt it did my a lot of good but everyone said I should do it.
    Thanks to your article and explanation of the heel toe method, I should get much more benefit from my walks

  2. chan says:

    Hi Steve

    Many thanks for the information. Very useful site, with lots of information.

  3. PAUL says:

    Hi steve, wish i did live on the sunshine coast?? but i now live in UK ( ex zimbabwe) You asked me for my comments, OK- Very impressed with your gadget (two rubber balls joined) i went to the £1 shop, and saw a pack of 6 of these balls for £1.98 so i purchased them, dont know why? or was the idea already in my head??? – i glued two together. and tried out what you had explained, it took 30min to do. as was tryin to keep the thing in the correct position each time i moved it down, Anyway most impressed with the feeling afterwards!!!!— NOW WHAT I DID NEXT,— I joined the others to make three sets of these, then i made a wooden frame, i inch thick, – 5inch wide x 7inch long. so the ball gadgets fitted inside, and were just loose enough to be able to roll as i pushed the frame along on the carpet !! (are you with me ?) WOW THINK I AVE SOMETHING HERE,, So now i did the whole exersize with my new gadget,, 3min, then moved it down, – 3min, then moved it down etc,, whole exersize took 15min. —- I had a pillow under my bum, and my head, to take some of the weight off, if necessary; IT IS GREAT, AND WORKS LIKE A DREAM; SO I WOULD LIKE YOU TO STUDY AND EXPERIMENT, AND FAULT IT??? AS I BELIEVE AND HOPE IT WILL BE OF BENIFIT TO YOUR CAUSE, AND THATS MY THANK YOU TO YOU. FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME, I AM 69 YEARS OLD AND WAKE UP AT TWO IN THE MORNING, FEELING LIKE A 16YEAR OLD, BUT THEY ARE HARD TO GET AT THAT TIME OF THE MORNING HA HA , JOKE, THANK STEVE.. PAUL

    • admin says:

      Cheers Paul.

      One thing though the idea is not to rush through the exercise but rather stop on each point so you give the balls a chance to sink into the muscles and release the tightness. Thanks for your suggestions though.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Dave, there is lots of information on the site that will hopefully help you. Important you diagnose where the offending muscles are and work on them, to me sounds like perhaps it would be the erector spinae muscles so the video at http://www.backpain.com.au/instantrelief is what will help.


  5. cervical relief says:

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    making my morning a little bit better with this great article!

  6. Alphonso says:

    I think this is among the best back pain sites for me.
    And i love reading your articles. The website style is wonderful and articles really excellent.
    Good job, cheers

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