Detoxing Will Help With Getting Back Pain & Sciatica Relief.

Detoxing is crucial in the process of getting rid of Back Pain and Sciatica. You wouldn’t get good results if you painted over dirty, sticky walls or if you tried to wash clothes with dirty water. In the same manner, you need to get the sludge and toxins out of your body and muscles so that they are primed, healthy, loose and flexible and ready to respond to treatment.

Modern medicine recognises that the presence of toxins in the body, especially heavy metal toxins such, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium, nickel e.t.c can lead to serious health problems. Even when these toxins are present in small amounts they can wreak havoc on the body and your muscles cannot function the way they have been designed to.

Notwithstanding the toxins in our environment, we are further subjected to harmful chemicals and toxins in the food we eat. Antibiotics are sprayed onto fruit and vegetable crops, beef and chicken are pumped full of hormones and chemicals to boost their size and growth rate, and profit driven manufacturers add them to processed foods with little consideration for the adverse effects on our health.


Unfortunately, we feel too disempowered as a society to do little more than accept that this is a ‘normal’ state of affairs. Sadly, failing to make a stand against these organisations by not buying their products and failing to make our own good food choices has forced our bodies into toxic states.

If you wake up feeling washed out and sluggish in the morning, feel unusually exhausted and ready for bed long before most other people at night, and get told during a massage that your body is ‘ tight’, there is a good chance that you are feeling this way because of the toxins in your body blocking up your muscles. If so, then you would benefit greatly from a good detox. If you are also experiencing symptoms of pain on top of all the other symptoms then it will be impossible to rid yourself of that pain without first detoxing your body.

A good detoxification should be carried out every 3 to 6 months, if you have a fairly normal diet. If you haven’t done a detox in one, three, five, ten or even twenty years or more, now might be a good time to start. The longer it has been and the more toxic your body is, the more of a reaction you will experience as you detox.

Headaches, skin breakouts, tiredness and loss of appetite are all symptoms you could experience in the early stages. If your body is particularly blocked up these symptoms could even last for a few weeks.

However, once you have gone through the detox process, you should feel light and energised, with clear eyes and skin. You will most certainly be in a lot less pain. I am sure you would agree that the end results, if you keep focused on that, will be well worth the effort in the long run.

How to ‘Detox’

The question that would be playing on your mind now is ‘So how do I go about Detoxing?

The answer is that the best results are achieved by detoxing on a number of levels. Firstly, you will need to eliminate any excess build-up in the colon using a product like Fibreblend. Secondly, drink at least two litres of distilled or purified (preferably alkaline) water every day. Add freshly squeezed juices to your daily regime as well. Colonics and a whole food probiotic like InLiven are essential, taken before meals 3 times a day.

Thirdly, concentrate on a healthy diet that completely eliminates all processed foods, sugars, dairy products and red meat. The Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr Sandra Cabot is a great place to start.

Ensure that you do at least 30 minutes of easy exercise each day like walking or SLM yoga.

If you are well and truly sick and tired of being in pain, overly tired and run down, and are frustrated that the treatments you have tried are not working, you may seriously need to consider a three to six month detox to transform yourself. I know for certain that you will never look back nor will you regret the new body and renewed feeling of well being and energy that it will undoubtedly give you.

Once you detox your body properly, not only will you see an improvement in the Back Pain or Sciatica you are suffering from, but it will also ensure that the bodywork and treatments you get for your pain will be much more effective. GO HERE Once your body is more healthy begin with my free video demonstrating a great technique you can do anytime at home on yourself.

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