Detoxing Will Help With Getting Back Pain & Sciatica Relief.

Detoxing is crucial in the process of getting rid of Back Pain and Sciatica. You wouldn’t get good results if you painted over dirty, sticky walls or if you tried to wash clothes with dirty water. In the same manner, you need to get the sludge and toxins out of your body and muscles so Read More

When all is Said and Done, What is the Best Treatment For Back Pain and Sciatica?

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This is a common and often asked question, but one that cannot possibly be answered as a generalisation. One of the most confusing decisions for a back pain sufferer is which treatment to go with to relieve them of their pain. Everyone they speak to has a different opinion based on what worked for them Read More

What You Really Should Know About Back Pain and Sciatica.

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“Prevention is better than cure” as they say, and, as a back pain and sciatica expert, I couldn’t agree more. So how does one ‘prevent’ back pain? The best place to start is with your posture. Your posture can have a huge bearing on the amount of stress that is placed on your back muscles Read More